Winslow Eliot “Author of Distinction”

I chose Winslow Eliot as the first author in my “Roses of Distinction” Author Collection.  Winslow is a close twitter friend of mine and has been encouraging me since our tweeting began.

Winslow is an extremely caring  and helpful friend to many of us.  She always offers to come alongside and help in any capacity she can. 

In addition to her friendship to me I find Winslow to be an extremely talented writer who uses all the senses to create word pictures that are vivid and alive!

I recently procured a copy of her first novel “Bright Face of Danger”

I am in the process of reading “Bright Face of Danger” and am extremely drawn in page by page!!   I recommend reading any of Winslow Eliot’s writing.  I enjoy Winslow’s Daily Happiness posting on her website.  “Daily Happiness always makes me smile”.

I have listed links in this post that will enable my readers to get to know Winslow Eliot in various venues.

Please say Hi to Winslow thru her Website and/or her Twitter page.

 Winslow Eliot Links:

 More interesting Reading

10 thoughts on “Winslow Eliot “Author of Distinction”

    • Thank You so much!! I look forward to the fun I am going to have with this Blog and all who read it. Thanks for taking the time to check it out. Winslow is a very special person for sure 🙂

    • Thanks Michael for reading my Blog on Winslow Eliot. We all look forward to your new book “The Last Surgeon” releasing on February 16th!!
      For my readers please visit Michael’s website @ .
      I reviewed “The Last Surgeon” on my “Bits N Pieces Blog” @
      Awesome Read!!

  1. From Twitter

    @DonovanCreed A.K.A. John Locke

    to @katiesheadesign Bravo, Katie! You could not have chosen a more deserving person than Winslow! Very nice! Many style points for this! 🙂

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