“Flow” Authors Elissa Stein and Susan Kim

“Flow” Authors Elissa Stein and Susan Kim

I became acquainted with Elissa Stein this past weekend when she sent me a tweet.  Elissa tweeted me the link to her book and suggested perhaps if I viewed  her book I might  draw some inspiration  from it  for a rose design.  I said I would be happy to look at  “Flow”.

Not only did I view  “Flow”  online Saturday evening but I stopped at Barnes and Noble on Sunday to actually view the book in person.  What I found was a book that is so well done I wanted to purchase “Flow” for my 25 year old daughter who would appreciate the content and the all the graphics.  I also wanted several copies for myself  for gifts and inspiration. 

I am a tactile consumer so when I picked  up “Flow” I was brought back in time to the 60’s when books seemed to be  treasured differently than today and had a Hardcover .  I stood in front of the bookshelf like a child devouring the content and the graphics. 

So …… I showed the book to my 25 year old daughter and she was totally drawn to the book and thought it was the coolest book she has seen in awhile.  She is also in love with the cover and immediately envisioned  the cover  on a “Rose of Distinction”.

I recommend all ages and genders for the “Flow”.  

The Authors will be guests on “The View” Tuesday  March 9th, 2010.  Enjoy!!!

About the Authors

Elissa Stein’s most current publishing projects include NYC adventures with kids, interactive thank you notes, and visual histories of iconic pop culture—two of which were featured in Entertainment Weekly’s Must Have list. In addition to writing, she runs her own graphic design business.  She lives in the West Village with her husband Jon and their children, Izzy and Jack.

Susan Kim wrote the stage adaptation of The Joy Luck Club and numerous one-act plays, which have been produced widely. She is an Writers Guild award-winning TV writer in documentary and children’s programming, and has been nonimated five times for the Emmy. She teaches dramatic writing in the MFA program of Goddard College and lives in New York City with playwright Laurence Klavan

Read more… http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/%20031237996X/thedaibea-20/

In this hip, hilarious and truly eye-opening cultural history, menstruation is talked about as never before.Flow spans its fascinating, occasionally wacky and sometimes downright scary story: from mikvahs (ritual cleansing baths) to menopause, hysteria to hysterectomies—not to mention the Pill, cramps, the history of underwear, and the movie about puberty they showed you in 5th grade……

“Its contents, I found, are plainspoken—perhaps it will start chipping away at the taboo…the style is important and groundbreaking.” –The New Yorker

“There is probably no better book for moms who want their daughters to respect themselves in every aspect…One can only ask Stein and Kim,’What took you so long?’” –Booklist

“Perfect for a preteen’s introduction to adulthood and for women of all ages, this is guaranteed to spark conversation about…whether this universal female experience is a blessing, a curse—or just part of life.” –Publishers Weekly

Read more   http://us.macmillan.com/book.aspx?name=flow

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3 thoughts on ““Flow” Authors Elissa Stein and Susan Kim

  1. Twitter comments From Elissa Stein

    elissastein: @katiesheadesign That is outrageous stunning beautiful. Thank you!
    4 days ago from TweetDeck

    elissastein: @katiesheadesign You are amazing. Unbelievably amazing. I am thrilled to know you.
    3 days ago from TweetDeck

  2. Thank you so much my dear friend!!!

    Winslow Eliot’s comments:

    winsloweliot: Twitter Rose of Distinction Award goes to @katiesheadesign http://rosesofdistinction.wordpress.com/ – I love my book roses! 2 days ago from web

    winsloweliot: @katiesheadesign I love what you did for @elissastein 's Flow on your website. And so flattered Im one of your roses of distinction 🙂 3 days ago from web

  3. More Twitter comments 🙂 Thank you!!

    sean_kinney: #Follow @katiesheadesignher handmade roses of distinction are really unique! 3 days ago from Ping.fm

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