Winslow Eliot “Author of Distinction”

"Heaven Falls" by Winslow Eliot "Author of Distinction"

Winslow Eliot "Author of Distinction"

Update Aug 28th 2011

PURSUED by Winslow Eliot

… is now available for your Kindle on  Amazon  and any other ebook format through Smashwords.  

The print version will be out in a few weeks.  more information continue to read  –> 

Update as of  March 1 ,2011

Winslow Eliot Author of


A Romance Novel

Has just WON

1st place in Reader Views Literary Awards for romance! !! 🙂

A Tweet to Winslow Eliot from  John Locke,  Author of 5 plus novels on the Amazon/Kindle Best Selling List : Just wanted to take a moment to publicly thank Winslow @WinslowEliot for editing my last three novels.  She is the best! 11:59 AM Feb 16thvia web

My Post From 2010

“Author of Distinction”

March 17, 2010

I chose Winslow Eliot as the first author in my “Roses of Distinction” Author Collection back in February of this year.  Winslow is a close twitter friend of mine and has been encouraging me since our tweeting began. I really enjoyed “Heaven Falls” and appreciate the education that came along with this novel. Every chapter opens up with a description of an essential oil.   I found myself looking forward to the next chapter curious about what would be the next essential oil and how it fit into the story. The story itself stirs many possibilities for one to reflect on loyalty, deceit, love, depression, abandonment.   The motivations behind each of the mentioned emotions are powerful testimonies and illustrations of many types of deep love. “Heaven Falls” is also a trumpet sounding as a call for appreciation of one’s own needs and desires. The story affected my thinking in such a way that while I was clothes shopping I wandered into different departments that I otherwise considered just foolish and not spend worthy.  The phrase  “dressing from the inside out”  a requirement  to participate in the experience of  “Heaven Falls”  kept flashing through my mind while I sauntered through the clothing dept  and explored  the  concept of  “The Layers” necessary to complete the “Heaven Falls “ experience. “Heaven Falls” is a physical place and an emotional state of mind. Thank you Winslow Eliot!   I cannot wait for your next novel! More about the Author….. Winslow is an extremely caring  and helpful friend to many of us.  She always offers to come alongside and help in any capacity she can. In addition to her friendship to me I find Winslow to be an extremely talented writer who uses all the senses to create word pictures that are vivid and alive! I recommend reading any of Winslow Eliot’s writing.   I enjoy Winslow’s Daily Happiness posting on her website.  “Daily Happiness always makes me smile”. I have listed links in this post that will enable my readers to get to know Winslow Eliot in various venues. Please say Hi to Winslow through her Website and/or her Twitter page.

Heaven Falls Winslow Eliot Links: More interesting Reading

7 thoughts on “Winslow Eliot “Author of Distinction”

  1. i m coming from twitter & facebook but i did know you through citydogs101 ,those wonderful people let me met a splendid person like you , nice for meeting you ! beautiful bouquet !

  2. Hello Katie and what absolutely beautiful work you do! Congratulations to Winslow Eliot! I would like to order one of your Roses of Distinction as a gift for my brother. There is a beautiful head shot of his dog on our Web site. The picture is under Rex Barkman and its caption reads Blaze. She is black and white, very old and in poor health. Please email me. Thank you so much Katie. What a talent you have! xxoo

  3. This is a very cool idea! You have beautiful work and I hope you reach your goal. It takes much talent to be able to create such masterpieces. May God watch over you are your, and help you to help others!

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