“Lethal Experiment” A Donovan Creed Novel By John Locke “Updated March 1 2011”

"Lethal Experiment" A Donovan Creed Novel By John Locke

2011 Update of my March 31 2010

Author of Distinction John Locke

I am happy to announce that my dear friend John Locke  has All 6 books in Top 50 Amazon/Kindle Best Selling List   http://amzn.to/JNLCKAmzn , and sold 186,810 downloads in February

John has worked with  Editor/Writer  Winslow Eliot Author of   ” HEAVEN FALLS”  The Romance Novel that just won 1st place in Reader Views Literary Awards for romance!  http://winsloweliot.com/ 🙂  and Telemachus Press, LLC  http://telemachuspress.com/ to add to his growing  repertoire of Novels.

His latest book, “Follow the Stone”, was released in February, 2011, and became the #1 Western on Amazon/Kindle the first week of publication. He lives in Kentucky, where he is working on his sixth Donovan Creed novel, A Girl Like You.

Every 10 seconds, 24 hours a day, a John Locke novel is downloaded somewhere in the world.

John Lockes Best Selling Amazon Kindle Best Selling Novels as of March 1 2011

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My Author of Distinction Post                      Last March 2010

This past January I had the pleasure of reading and reviewing John Locke’s first self published novel “Lethal People”.

Donovan Creed, horrifies, surprises, humbles and vindicates throughout this nonstop action novel.  Just a sample of my review of this riveting novel.

My review can be found @  http://kathydecosmo.blogspot.com/2010/01/donovan-creed-main-character-has.html

John has also published “Lethal Experiment” and “Saving Rachel” .

I have become Twitter friends with John Locke and have found a loyal friend in him.

John is encouraging, supportive and always on the move for himself and his fellow twitterers.

Please visit John on his website

@ http://www.lethalbooks.com/

You can also find John Locke on Twitter @DonovanCreed.

Three Novels By John Locke

Three Novels By John Locke

Purchase on Amazon —-à>>   http://bit.ly/ce3Lll

What readers are saying….

5.0 out of 5 stars So, Just How Thin is the Veneer of Civilized Society?, January 26, 2010

Steven H. Jackson (Sarasota, FL) –

This review is from: Lethal Experiment: A Donovan Creed Novel (Hardcover)

For those of you who have read my reviews of John Locke’s other works featuring Donovan Creed, “Lethal People” and “Saving Rachel”, you know that I am a major fan! I had high expectations for my third in the series and author John Locke did not disappoint!

4.0 out of 5 stars Morals versus money., March 30, 2010 

By Michael Harrison (Virginia, USA)

This review is from: Lethal Experiment (A Donovan Creed Novel) (Kindle Edition)

“Lethal Experiment” by John Locke is a great book that poses some very interesting moral questions. Donovan Creed is a good guy, even though he kills people for a living. As an agent for the government he has done some nasty things, and when missions run dry he takes on some freelance work as well. So how do you balance life as a hired gun with being a family man? You need an outlook on life that is not like any other. ………

More reviews on Amazon —->> http://bit.ly/ce3Lll

8 thoughts on ““Lethal Experiment” A Donovan Creed Novel By John Locke “Updated March 1 2011”

  1. Another excellent post, Kathy, for a wonderful guy who really deserves mention, not just for his superb writing (I’ve even read his yet-to-be published “Now & Then”) but also for his kindness, frienship and generosity!

  2. An excellent and wonderful post! I am definitely grateful to met John on twitter. He’s one of a kind! Thank you for sending me the link, Katie 🙂


  3. The originality and loveliness of transforming book into gorgeous rose petals is astonishing! I’m blown away by these flowers – as well as (of course!) John’s novel.

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