Blaze “Dog of Distinction”

“Blaze”  Best Friend

This “Dog of Distinction Rose”  is in honor of “Blaze” at the request of  Debra Slattery.

Debra writes:

Hello Katie and what absolutely beautiful work you do!  Congratulations to Winslow Eliot!  I would like to order one of your Roses of Distinction as a gift for my brother.  There is a beautiful head shot of his dog on our Web site .  The picture is under Rex Barkman and its caption reads Blaze.  She is black and white, very old and in poor health. Please email me. Thank you so much Katie. What a talent you have! Xxoo

I asked Debra @DebraDigs  (twitter)  to write a short Bio on Blaze and is as follows:

“Blaze” was a rescue dog that my brother, Brian, rescued back in 1995.  She was the best frisbee catcher known to man and was her absolute favorite of all outdoor activities. She loved her daily jogs with Brian (she can no longer run as she is too old now) and is his best friend. She is very loyal, loving, and a wonderful companion to her owner, Brian. She loved to go on hikes and follow trails. Three years ago, Brian, my two sons, and I hiked the Fillmore Glen State Park in Moravia, New York with Blaze at our side. She loves these kind of outdoor activities. She is a friend to all who come in her presence.”

Thank you Debra for the opportunity to create a forever memory of a very special friend to your brother!!    ~~~   Kathy D.  KatieSheaDesign

4 thoughts on “Blaze “Dog of Distinction”

  1. Dear Kathy,

    What a pleasant surprise! This really touches my heart that you did this for me. My brother, Brian will now have a beautiful keepsake of his beloved best friend, Blaze. He will receive this very beautiful forever memory when the time is appropriate. I can not express my gratitude in words. You are truly a gifted artist and it has been such a pleasure to meet and get to know you. Much success to you, Kathy. Thank you!

    Debra Slattery

  2. Hi Kathy,

    I hope all is well with you and yours! Long time no tweet! When you get a chance, can you please contact me via email. I had a PC crash and lost all of my data, including email addresses. Thank you so much!

  3. This one truly touched my heart as it reminded me of a friend from high school who just lost her dog recently and is still grieving deeply. You really do a great job for people to treasure their memories. Thank you for your big heart. 🙂

    • Thank you Mary. Last night I actually visited The Mommy of Huckelberry, one the the Dogs on my site. I was supposed to also meet Huckelberry along with his Mommy and Daddy but Huckelberry unexpectedly passed in September. His Mommy Claudia and I finally had the opportunity to have a grieving hug and a glass of wine together and reminisced about her baby.
      I love twitter and having the ability to make dear friends that support each other on twitter and in life.

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