Huckleberry Mascot of “Novelhelp”

Huckleberry is the mascot of NovelHelp.

Huckleberry is the reason I became acquainted with Claudia and Steve as Claudia reminded me during our visit.  We met on twitter while I was discussing my Bichon Daisy and Claudia joined in the conversation.  We continued the conversations over the months and became friends all because of that picture of Huckleberry.

“NovelHelp is an advocate for author rights.  It is their goal to demystify self-publishing. You can DIY!  It’s your book. U should keep 100% of royalties & rights.”

Huckleberry’s  parents  are Claudia and Stephen H. Jackson.

I have had the pleasure of the company of Claudia and Stephen H. Jackson a few weeks back during our Tweet-up In New York I truly enjoyed both Claudia and Steve.  Both are engaging, high spirited people.  They traveled all the way from Florida on minimal sleep and travel delays for just one night to participate in this tweet-up.

A little about Claudia Jackson….

Claudia is a delightful, kind, encouraging and energetic person who is always available to help or … will find an answer if she does not know it herself.  To give you even more of an insight into “Who Claudia Jackson is”   please read this post written by our mutual friend Winslow Eliot.  I love this post because Winslow truly captures Claudia’s finest qualities and expresses them so lovingly.

A MESSAGE FROM CLAUDIA (@NovelHelp on twitter)

As many of you know, I started Telemachus Press just to publish one book. What surprised me as I navigated all of the new publishing options, learned the technology, learned the business and set up relationships with my new distribution channel partners was the breath and complexity of the journey. It was anything but a simple exercise and the information I needed to make the right decisions was spread out in a large number of places and was, to say the least, confusing.

While getting the book in the distribution channels, I met others facing the same challenges. The next thing I knew, I was in business helping them as a new type of publisher — an author services company.  Telemachus Press followed some basic principles that were important to me. Total transparency to the author, fair prices for the very best product that would make any author proud and making sure every step of the way that the author kept all of his copyright and royalties. No author that we work with would ever have to buy back any rights or have us as a life-long money sponge taking some percentage of royalties!

As we became more and more successful our list of authors has grown bringing our now expanded company a large measure of satisfaction — we really like helping out! We have worked with many new writers who have considerable talent. We have also developed professional relationships with some who have suffered at the hands of other less reputable author services companies and some who have been previously, and very successfully, published in the traditional publishing marketplace. Along the way, however, another category of author has come to light and in very large numbers……..

Continue reading –à

Another good read –>

A little about Steven H. Jackson…

We all finally met Steve and instantly was drawn into a deeply interesting and intriguing conversation while waiting for our table that NY evening.   None of us had ever met Steve face to face but instantly felt like long time friends just catching up.

I read Steve’s book “Death of a Cure” months back and enjoyed it so much that I truly could not put it down.

“Death of a Cure”   Book Review by Kathleen DeCosmo

Purchase  “Death of a Cure” on Amazon

NovelHelp — March 22, 2010 — Steve Jackson’s novel combines insider knowledge of the workings of not-for-profit organizations exposing a shoc..

Dresser After Dark – The Place for Authors, Experts & Trainers to Spread Their Word.–the-place-for-authors-experts-

Please check out the links I have provided.  If your interested in self publishing you maybe want to consider contacting  Claudia and Steve.

They can help you decide if self publishing is the right path for you.

2 thoughts on “Huckleberry Mascot of “Novelhelp”

  1. Dear Kathy,

    Wow. Between you and Winslow I am speechless and misty-eyed. I don’t know how I got so lucky to have met such wonderful people. Steve and I really enjoyed the tweet-up. It was very special to meet in person, the people that we already “knew.” Thanks again to you for taking care of the coordination. Next one in Florida (winter)? Huckleberry will be waiting!

    You are too kind. I know you are really busy and I very much appreciate you taking the time to make Huckleberry a “Flower of Distinction.” You really are something else. Again, many thanks for everything.

    Hugs, Claudia, Steve, & Huckleberry.

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