Author of Distinction John Locke 2011 Update

Lethal Experiment Novel By John Locke A Donovan Creed Novel

Author of Distinction John Locke 2011 Update

April 21st, 2011 Update:

Quote  from John Locke

“Big thanks to the Wall Street Journal for featuring my book sales today! For a business guy like me, this is the ultimate accolade! Thanks to my incredible readers, I just passed the 800,000 sales mark since January!”

Cheapest E-Books Upend the Charts

99-Cent Titles From Unknown Authors Put New Pressure on Big Publishers

Article link:

March 2011

I am Happy to post the Following Update of my friend and Author John Locke:

Saving Rachel #1 on the Amazon/Kindle Best Seller’s List for 6 days! All 7 novels in the Top 44! “A Girl Like You” published one week ago, is already #17 !   My deepest, heart-felt thanks to all who have supported me this past year. I will never forget this has been accomplished because of you guys believing in me and fighting for me, and I will work very hard to live up to the trust you’ve given me.

John is Proud to announce:  I quote  “ that  I’ve been signed by the prestigious Dystel & Goderich Literary Management agency, NYC, and Jane Dystel is my literary agent. Thanks, Jane, for taking a chance on me.”

John has worked with  Editor/Writer  Winslow Eliot Author of   ” HEAVEN FALLS”  The Romance Novel that just won 1st place in Reader Views Literary Awards for romance! 🙂  and Telemachus Press, LLC add to his growing  repertoire of Novels.

Every 10 seconds, 24 hours a day, a John Locke novel is downloaded somewhere in the world.

John Lockes Best Selling Amazon Kindle Best Selling Novels as of March  2011

John Locke Novels

To View Novels on Amazon

My Author of Distinction Post                      Last March 2010

This past January I had the pleasure of reading and reviewing John Locke’s first self published novel “Lethal People”.

Donovan Creed, horrifies, surprises, humbles and vindicates throughout this nonstop action novel.  Just a sample of my review of this riveting novel.

My review can be found @

John has also published “Lethal Experiment” and “Saving Rachel” .

I have become Twitter friends with John Locke and have found a loyal friend in him.

John is encouraging, supportive and always on the move for himself and his fellow twitterers.

Please visit John on his website


You can also find John Locke on Twitter @DonovanCreed.

Purchase on Amazon —-à>>

7 thoughts on “Author of Distinction John Locke 2011 Update

  1. John Locke to Katie of Katie Shea Design via FaceBook:
    You are a wonderful friend. I can’t calculate how much you’ve helped me. Your roses are gorgeous, and I’m so honored by your friendship!

  2. Cassidy Webb via Facebook said: I am so excited about this! John has been a stand up guy and a great friend since I met. If that was all I could say about him, it would be enough, but he is also a phenominal writer! This could not happen for a more deserving person!!!!!

  3. Stuart Ross McCallum said via Facebook I agree with all the comments on this thread. John has been a marvellous mate since my early days’ on Twitter. Hard working and more than eligible of the success—-congratulations, and may the ‘Donovan Creed’ novels live on.

  4. this is just such great news! I’m so happy – and Kathy you are such a big-hearted generous person to continue to support authors in so many ways. I cherish your roses you made for my Bright Face of Danger and Heaven Falls.

    • Winslow,

      Thank you my Dear and I cannot wait for the release of your new book “A Perfect Gem”! I told John we definitely have to have a tweet up this year. We all have had so much come to pass the last 12 months!!

      Congratulations –>> Reader Views Selects HEAVEN FALLS for 1st Place Literary Award –>



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