Tara Jean Mesyn “Camera Girl”: Photographer of Distinction

Tara Jean Mesyn has been chosen as a Katie Shea Design Photographer of Distinction.

Tara’s photography has drawn our attention and we have designed a Rose of Distinction featuring Tara’s image on our Roses.

A little about Tara

Tara Jean Mesyn is the owner of “Camera Girl” and is a Michigan based photographer with a creative, photojournalistic style specializing in senior portraits, engagements, weddings, maternity, newborns, family/ children.

Tara’s love for photography began her freshman year in college when shooting for the Michigan State University wrestling team.  “The camera was immediately a natural extension of my body and I haven’t put it down since”!

Tara grew up in Romeo, spending most of her time in hockey rinks and swimming pools. Tara attended Michigan State University where she fell in love with photography, East Lansing and her unbelievably amazing husband. Tara’s love of photography and working with kids inspired her to earn a teaching certificate in journalism and history.  She currently lives in the EL area with husband and pup Tober.

Tara is also a high school teacher, and she loves it!   Tara feels so blessed to share her passions with the next generation and help encourage them in what they are passionate about.

To view Tara’s photography please visit her at the following sites:



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