Jane Winslow Eliot “Woman of Distinction”

  Jane Winslow Eliot  ” A Woman of Distinction”

Three Weeks ago today my dear friend Winslow emailed me that her Mother,  Jane Winslow Eliot passed away peacefully in her California home with Winslow beside her.

I never had the honor of meeting Jane Winslow Eliot but I feel I know her through the stories my friend Winslow has shared about her with all of us.

I have designed a Rose of Distinction as a Memorial for my friend Winslow and her family.

Winslow has been a dear friend and such a supportive inspiration to me and of my work.

I have used the following Excerpt borrowed from  http://janewinsloweliot.com/   as my inspiration for my Memorial Rose Design:

“We were traveling with you in Scotland…and we ran down to the boat house and there, sitting on a stone wall, was Aunt Jane in an elegant, deep blue gown with glittering, silvery threads, with her hair long and loose.  You were so delighted to see her wearing this and called it her Robe of Starry Brightness!  She looked like a goddess, smiling at us and laughing with joy to take a break from traveling, to be in a calm, lovely, easy place where she could refresh herself and array herself as the Wisdom Tree Woman that she truly is.”

Jane Winslow Eliot and her family have made enormous literary contributions that continue to impact  so many lives.

Jane Winslow Eliot 


“A Woman of Distinction”  

September 27, 1926 – July 31, 2011

4 thoughts on “Jane Winslow Eliot “Woman of Distinction”

    • Winslow’s mother ‘s image touched my heart. Thanks so much for stopping by 🙂 Hugs

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