Claude Bouchard Author of “Asylum” Author of Distinction

Dr. Matthew Russell is married to Cassidy, father of Jennifer and Stuart, also the Managing Director of the Montreal Hospital for the Criminally Insane.

The story opens introducing Dr. Russell, an extremely overworked man who seems to be losing it in both his work life and his family life.  A story played out so many times in so many homes.

Dr. Russell’s wife Cassidy becomes distant and distrusting of the promises Matthew makes to become a better “Family Man” and Russell partly blames Cassidy for him becoming unglued at work.  He feels he is only doing his best by working hard and providing for his wife and family. Matthew promises to work harder on his family life and decides to take a long, overdue vacation in hopes of rebuilding what he has lost with Cassidy and the Children.

The author succeeds in making me fall in love with the Russell Family and the Vacation Dr. Russell takes them on.  I became absorbed and envious of the fairytale vacation that is so vividly portrayed by the detailed descriptions of the sights, sounds, tastes and jubilant emotions the family begins to feel for each other.  Needless to say The “Vacation” is colorful, adventurous and filled with intrigue.

Each page rendered me hostage to the drama that was subtly unfolding and also making me beg to know the conclusion.

This Novel is sheer genius!  I would love to see this acted out on screen to only heighten the drama of the emotions of each character.

I was introduced to the author’s writing a few years back when I read his first novel “Vigilante”     I had downloaded it one night and ended up staying up all night to complete it.  My advice for Claude Bouchard Novel readers, get comfy and enjoy the ride it is worth it!

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7 thoughts on “Claude Bouchard Author of “Asylum” Author of Distinction

  1. Hello Kathy,

    Thank you, for highlighting Claude Lombard as an author of distinction. I couldn’t more with your wonderful review of Asylum, and your summation of the man we have fondly come to know as, ceebee308 on Twitter.

    Best, Stuart aka writer99 🙂

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