Tweet Chat of Distinction #TuscanSunChat

Congratulations  From Katie Shea Design

To Frances & Edward Mayes on the Release of Their New Book

“The Tuscan Sun CookBook”

In Celebration of their New Book Frances & Edward participated in a Tweet Chat  March 13 th P.M. EST

For My readers that do not know what a Tweet Chat is I will explain.

Twitter tweet chat is a pre-arranged chat that happens on Twitter through the use of Twitter updates (called tweets) that include a predefined hashtag to link those tweets together in a virtual conversation.

Formal Twitter tweet chats are arranged in advance and occur at a specific time. They may include a formal agenda with a specific leader or “speaker”, or they might involve a free flowing discussion between all participants.

The  #TuscanSunChat  took Place last night on Twitter.  More info

Signorello Estate of Napa was Lead Sponsor for Frances & Ed Mayes’s Live Tweet up to celebrate the release their new cookbook “The Tuscan Sun Cookbook”.


     Hosts:   Chef Robin White / @canapes45                                                                          Cynthia Bogart /@thedailybasics 

   Chef Michael McMillan /  @SignorelloChef 

 For those of you who might have missed the #TuscanSunChat

you may visit


#TuscanSunChat transcript:  to have fun reading  some of last night’s Tweets By:

 @francismayes & @Edwardmayes 

Authors of : ” The Tuscan Sun CookBook” as wells  as all that participated.

Just a few Tweets fom  the #TuscanSunChat:

Command Central  @SigVin w/ @canapes45@CordairGallery @alawine @deblovespinot @VitaeVino @JE_Uncorked

                                               Command Central

Napa Meet the players! #tuscansunchat

#TuscanSunChat #wine & Pizza! Yay!

 #tuscansunchat @sigvin 2008 Cabernet Sauvignon perfect 4 a chat w/ @francesmayes & @edwardmayes about their new book.

#TuscanSunChat beautiful pizza recipe brought to life by@SignorelloChef

Frances website:

Ed’s Olive oil

Chef Robin White ‘s  ‏ @canapes45

Big Announcement!!!

OK Big Announcement!!  Meet @francesmayes in person @sigvin on:

July 22, 2012  for dinner prepared from the book by @signorellochef  #tuscansunchat

@canapes45:  Frances will also be doing Pizza party book signing @sigvin wine tasting 21st July tix will be available soon#tuscansunchat

@canapes45:  Tickets @napafest. tickets are limitedand will go very fast. This ticket includes Joshua Bell concert first #tuscansunchat

‏ @thedailybasics Week of July 20th? @AVIA_Napa: Come for the food and the wine. Stay with us for @Napafest #tuscansunchat

@thedailybasics  Hosted at Signorello Estate! @francesmayesin person @SigVin July 22 for dinner @SignorelloChef#tuscansunchat

@canapes45:  We’re Partnering w/ @napafest & @sigvin to have a great party not only here but virtually around the world. #tuscansunchat

@canapes45: thank you everyone for attending I hope you all enjoyed your time with @francesmayes and @edwardmayes Cheers and good night!#tuscansunchat

@THE DAILY BASICS ‏  said: @sigvin Signorello Estate has been so kind to sponsor a tweet up during this chat and sponsoring this chat THANK YOU SO MUCH! #tuscansunchat

@Edward Mayes ‏ : RT @francesmayes@canapes45 We are going to have a grand time at Signorello on 22 July. Over-the-top entertainment!#tuscansunchat

Cathy Bennett Fusco ‏ :  @francesmayes Can’t wait to see you tomorrow in Wilmington, DE!!! #tuscansunchat

 Francis & Edward Maye’s Book tour Schedule

Dine with @FrancesMayes in Napa!

July 22,  2012 @SigVin

  Ticket includes Joshua Bell Concert…..

Dinner, Wine And Signed Cookbook

Tickets & Info

More Links:

Festival del Sole  @napafest

Napa Valley Festival del Sole is an annual celebration of music, #wine, food, dance and wellness for an authentic feast for the senses.

July 13-22, 2012

Napa, California ·

6 thoughts on “Tweet Chat of Distinction #TuscanSunChat

  1. The book looks great. The photos you posted with the commentary show clearly what a gorgeous area Tuscany is, and add real depth to the book. The food and wine selections look absolutely fantastic as well.

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