Entrepreneurs of Distinction

Entrepreneurs of Distinction


This past summer  I had the honor of my Twitter Account being followed by @SharkTankABC  Blogger Andrew Figgins.  Andrew, a Chicago-based web professional and entrepreneur, who has owned and operated  InTheSharkTank  since 2011 and is the #1 fan source for Shark Tank news, casting updates, business tips, and anything and everything related to our favorite show, Shark Tank http://inthesharktank.com/

Season 4 premiered Sept 14th 2012.   #SharkTank Season 4 Premiere was Seen by Over 6.5 Million and Handily Won the Time Slot http://inthesharktank.com/2012/09/shark-tanks-season-4-premiere-breaks-viewership-record/ … via @SharkTankABC

For readers who are not familiar with Shark Tank, a brief background of the Hit TV show:

Shark Tank is an American reality TV show which premiered on ABC television in August 2009 and in May 2012 was renewed for a fourth season.

In July 2012 the show was nominated for a Primetime Emmy Award in the Outstanding Reality Program category.

Shark Tank is one of my favorite all time TV Shows.  I do not have much time for TV shows in general  so the show really has to be worth while for me to spend an hour of my time.   Well then how did I start watching it you ask?

I came across  Mark Cuban ‘s “How to Win at the Sport of Business: If I Can Do It, You Can Do It”  http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/how-to-win-at-the-sport-of-business-mark-cuban/1107549955?ean=2940013504066   The title immediately sparked my interest since I heard so much over the years about a show called “The Shark Tank’ and I knew Mark Cuban was one of the “Sharks”  I decided to download it onto my Nook one night.  Well I could not put it down until I finished it in the wee hours of the morning.   I walked away with an immense respect for Mark and his journey to where he is today and then decided to start from the beginning of “Shark Tank” Season 1 and I watched one right after the other with a pen and pad always by my side.  “Shark Tank” to me is going to school every week and benefitting from these hard working people’s experience and then applying it my own journey of  entrepreneurship.

Read up on the Sharks from #SharkTank @ABCSharkTank @TheSharkDaymond @mcuban @robertherjavec @kevinolearytv   @BarbaraCorcoran@LoriGreiner  Lori Greiner is now  a cast regular.  Her first episode of the new season is Oct. 5th!  – http://inthesharktank.com/category/meet-the-sharks/ …

This Friday evening  I am throwing in my support to my fellow entrepreneur          Andrew Figgins  and participating in his Sponsored Tweet Program https://twitter.com/SharkTankABC .     My business Katie Shea Design, http://www.katiesheadesign.com/social-media/  home of the “Reusable Magnetic Custom Designed Cupcake Wrapper will be the sponsored tweets for Oct 5th, 2012.

Andrew sent Katie Shea Design His Business Logo to be designed onto one of our Cupcake Wrappers.

The Cupcake that is wearing Katie Shea Design’s Reusable Cupcake Wrapper is called a “Coco Loco” baked by the famous  Jaret’s Stuffed Cupcakes  and  Who are Entrepreneurs  I am fond of.   http://www.stuffedcupcakes.com/about/

About Stuffed Cupcakes:

In 2001 with $100,000 in savings, Maureen & Keith Jaret  launched The Petite Café in Nutley, New Jersey. “We served breakfast, lunch, dinner and did catering,” explains Jaret. While the Petite Café prided itself with being ahead of the curve with trends and products, there was one area of the business where they struggled.   “The one area where we could not attract attention was with desserts,” says Jaret.

That all changed when Jaret decided to put her chocolate cake on the menu. “I made a chocolate cake that had always been popular with friends and family, so we chose to put it on the menu.”  To promote the treat, Jaret decided to bake the cake in cupcake form and sell it during the busiest time of the week: Sunday brunch.

Keeping with their tradition of having unique items on their menu, Jaret decided to mix things up a bit and fill the cupcakes. “My husband and I developed a recipe for a peanut butter filling.  The following Sunday, I prepared 200 chocolate cupcakes, filled with the mixture…it was an instant hit.” While Jaret expected customers to rave about the chocolate cake, they sang the praises of another aspect of the dessert instead.  “Instead of asking about it as a cake, we were inundated with inquires as to what other flavors of filling we had,” says Jaret.

Jaret took the hint from her customers and began baking cupcakes filled with everything from hazelnut chocolate cream to margarita custard.  Today, the Jarets have over 130 different varieties of stuffed cupcakes on their roster and the Petite Cafe is known as the “home of the stuffed cupcakes.”

Today, the Jarets are continually looking to expand sales of their cupcakes into new markets.  “We have entered the wedding market with cupcake tiers and wedding cakes,” says Jaret.  In the future, the couple one day hopes to establish stuffed cupcake franchises.   Two weeks ago Maureen & Keith had the Grand Opening  of their 2nd store located in Totowa N.J.

HER ADVICE: According to Jaret, dedication is key. “I would tell anyone starting their own business to be prepared to devote your life to nurturing and growing your company,” she advises.   http://www.jeanchatzky.com/homepage/entrepreneur-fridays-stuffed-cupcakes-at-the-petite-cafe/

Practical Magic with Shark Tank’s Barbara Corcoran: Preparing for success http://bit.ly/UUZM7V

Barbara Corcoran interviewed Maureen Jaret on Skype in 2010.  Barbara was “ Spot On with her observations of Maureen Jaret.

Barbara ‘s take on Maureen:

“What a Sweetie Pie!

People wear success so differently.  Maureen is a perfect example of an entrepreneur wearing success & she shines”!

Maureen is not overly confident, not full of her own notoriety.

Maureen adores the husband in partnership with her.

Its nice to see Success worn well.

Not the least bit braggadocious!

That lady,  you give her the work and she is going to handle it.  You know why… She has an attitude of a great Entrepreneur.   She assumes the Best is yet to come!”

15,000 Cupcakes for Oprah!!

Representatives from O, The Oprah Magazine asked the store to donate the cupcakes to a high-profile charity event in Manhattan that featurde appearances by Oprah Winfrey, singer Mary J. Blige and Bette Midler. The celebrities  walked from Pier 86 to Times Square to benefit 10 charities, including an ovarian cancer charity and an animal society. The cupcakes were handed out to the celebrities, and to passersbys http://www.stuffedcupcakes.com/15000-cupcakes-for-oprah/

The Rachael Ray Show asked for Stuffed Cupcakes!

Talk show host, Rachael Ray asked for Stuffed Cupcakes, and Stuffed Cupcakes  delivered. The Cupcakes ordered ended up on a billboard in Philadelphia!


Stuffed Cupcakes on the Cooking Channel’s Unique Eats!


I am honored to have the opportunity to work with Entrepreneurs  Maureen & Keith Jaret.  I was walking on a cloud the day Maureen sat down with me and reviewed the Reusable Magnetic Cupcake Wrappers that I had just received my Patent Pending paperwork on.  Her face lit up and she kept picking up and examining my Cupcake Wrappers all the while raving about the unique design of it being reusable and magnetic applicable to Engagement parties, Weddings, Baptisms, keepsakes  etc.  Her enthusiasm for my product was contagious and helped me to keep moving forward.

Maureen is my business  mentor and truly an example of hard work with the correct attitude.

Barbara Corcoran said:  “I would like to have some of Maureen Jaret’s energy“.  I second that 🙂

Stop by http://www.stuffedcupcakes.com/  They ship to all of continental US and working on Hawaii as well as overseas.  If you are in #NYC then Stuffed Cupcakes is a quick ride into North Jersey!

Reusable Magnetic Cupcake Wrapper Designed for ” In The Shark Tank” By Katie Shea Design Baked By Stuffed Cupcakes

Join Blogger Andrew Figgins Tweeting  #SharkTank  @SharkTankABC  during  Episodes every Friday at 8/7CT.

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