HOME BY NOVOGRATZ Designers of Distinction

Party with the Novogratz, go to a signing at CB2.  http://bit.ly/PWWBKR

Meet Bob and Cortney Novogratz, the fabulous design duo with the uncanny talent to perfectly match vintage with modern, color with graphic, and contemporary with classic.

I Joined the Novogratzs at CB2 Eastside for a signing of their new book: “ HOME BY NOVOGRATZ”  Packed with innovative solutions and clear instructions, HOME BY NOVOGRATZ is all you need to bring the Novogratz’s trademark vintage modern look into your own home.

I was warmly greeted as I entered CB2.  I enjoyed sipping a glass of wine as I floated through CB2 on the eastside falling  in love with the Novogratz  Collection as well as many CB2 pieces.

Robert Novogratz, Kathleen DeCosmo and Cortney Novogratz at CB2 Book Signing Launch

Bob, Cortney  and their family are delightful, warm and extremely engaging people.  Their designs reflect their warmth, love for color and a strong family message.

Novogratz Collection Video http://bit.ly/RetLdh

shop novogratz at CB2  http://bit.ly/SPCxQQ

family black and white rug


family values. If anyone knows about the meaning of the word, “family,” it’s Robert and Cortney Novogratz, TV’s famed husband-and-wife design duo and parents to the seven Novogratz kids, ages 3 to 15. Created exclusively for CB2, the Family Rug spells out their bold signature style, making a big statement in black typography on linen-white: “Families these days come in all shapes and sizes. This rug can be the center of a family room, a living room, a bedroom. It becomes part of your personal history—where the kids play, what we sit on while we watch TV or where the relatives spill their drinks on holidays. As warm, comfortable and cozy as the family itself, it draws us into the room and gives us a reason to celebrate life together. It’s a universal accessory that works for any home, regardless of its décor direction. Instant style at an affordable price.” Learn about the designers, Robert and Cortney Novogratz, on our blog. Learn about the making of the family rug,. on the CB2 blog.  http://bit.ly/ReumeZ

boy  girl rug


he and she.  Robert and Cortney Novogratz—TV’s famed husband-and-wife design duo and parents to the seven Novogratz kids, ages 3 to 15—know a thing or two about family unity. Created exclusively for CB2, the limited-edition Boy Girl Rug was inspired by a symbol Robert and Cortney designed when they were building one of their first homes: “At the time, we had one boy and two girls sharing one bathroom. So we tiled the wall with this symbol to show that the space belongs equally to both sides.” Illustrating their bold signature style, iconic male and female gender symbols are merged into a single graphic statement in linen on bright orange handtufted wool. Learn about the designers, Robert and Cortney Novogratz, on the CB2 bloghttp://bit.ly/ReumeZ

a to z rug

 home school .Robert and Cortney Novogratz—TV’s famed husband-and-wife design duo and parents to the seven Novogratz kids, ages 3 to 15— believe that smart design should go beyond good looks. It should spark curiosity, invite conversation and ultimately tell a story. Created exclusively for CB2, the limited-edition A to Z Rug is a graphic celebration of their heritage, spelling out an homage to Robert’s father. The elder Novogratz scripted the alphabet in perfect cursive as a West Point cadet in the 1950s—a time when penmanship was respected as an art form and taught in school. Robert and Cortney transcribed that very exercise in writing onto this design. Handtufted in light grey wool, the rug resembles a plush chalkboard with the “N” popping in bright orange among white upper and lowercase letters. It’s a teaching moment for the Novogratzes: “Whether your boys are wrestling on the carpet, or you’re lounging on the floor to read a book, the A to Z rug will look good and educate at the same time. As parents, we always want to teach our kids, but not at the cost of great design, which inspired the concept of this rug.” Learn about the designers, Robert and Cortney Novogratz, on the CB2 blog  http://bit.ly/ReumeZ.

Party with the Novogratzs   Join them on their Book Tour

Check out their Book Tour Locations  http://bit.ly/PWWBKR

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The Novogratz Family on the Today Show 



          Great Interview Oct 11th 2012

The Morning Show
Cortney & Robert Novogratz
Cortney and Robert Novogratz are on The Morning Show to talk about their new book and  HGTV series

         Cortney & Robert Novogratz – The Morning Show – Videos | Global Toronto

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