Verizon’s Nokia Lumia 928 #VZWbuzz

I have to say that I fell in love with this phone several months ago while at #VZWBuzz meeting.

The display is gorgeous and does not wash out while using on a sunny beach and places that are extremely bright.

The phone size is a bit bigger than what I usually prefer but presents so many unique features it makes my head spin.

When I received the phone in my hot little hands I became overwhelmed with the numerous features I could choose from.

I found this Verizon Support Nokia Lumia 928 site essential  in setting up my smartphone:

Verizon Support is extraordinary!

The features that I find unique to this smartphone are:

  • Personalizing my Phone by: Pinning, Resizing, Moving and Unpinning a tile

  • People Hub is great to quickly post to my social networks

  • Rooms where you can follow your social networking feeds of specific friends, family, and business contacts.

  • Finding with HERE Drive+

  • Using Turn-By-Turn Navigation with HERE Drive+

  • Creating a Document in Office right on my phone

My most favorite feature is the Kid’s Corner which is a special area on the Nokia Lumia 928 that can be set up specific to your kids, nieces and nephews. They won’t be able to access the rest of your phone. Customize the color, photo and add apps, games, music or videos that you want them to see.

Nokia  Lumia 928 Kid's Corner

Battery life is a huge issue for me.  I travel with multiple smartphone battery chargers and this becomes cumbersome most times.  I have been waiting for a smartphone to come along with a long battery life.

I find that the Nokia Lumia 928 has an excellent battery life which is essential to me using social media apps and am on the road constantly.

I have not tried it yet but some users have said that they can play their music for several days without having to charge the battery.

I think this particular phone is perfect for a growing family because of the Kid’s corner, security features and the rooms for specific family and friends.

I use Google+ for sharing presentations and documents live regularly so I do not think I will be making the switch anytime soon to the Nokia Lumia 928 as my main business phone.

I am still in the “getting to know you phase” with my Nokia Lumia 928 and will continue to go through the menu of features and apply them to my daily life.

“Detailed specifications for the Nokia Lumia 928”

Verizon Wireless Lifestyle Blogger Program


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