Color Choices That Choose.

What Color Choices Can Say About You?

My husband and I have been traveling so much this year that we always have a travel go bag ready for a moment’s notice.

While reviewing our go bag for our current trip I decided to update a few things including our travel toothbrushes.  I ran through the store a few hours before our departure and indiscriminately grabbed a few travel toothbrushes and packed them away.

While preparing for bed I let my husband know that we had new toothbrushes in our toiletries bag since he is a creature of habit and would look for the same toothbrush that has been available on the last several trips.

How cute I thought when I entered the bathroom to get ready for bed.  He had his little toothbrush standing in a glass so proudly.  I grabbed the other new one out of the bag to discover that I was left with the clear, colorless toothbrush and he had chosen the blue one or did he?

I found this quite interesting since I had not verbally indicated any specific color choice for him and realized that to him the blue one was intended for him and the clear, colorless, unisex implied lack of color one was for me.

I came out laughing and remarking that he was color programmed.  He did not have the slightest clue what I was referring to.  I explained that I had hurriedly grabbed those toothbrushes at the store without even acknowledging the toothbrush colors myself (so I thought).

He look bewildered and then I turned the tables again and told him that he could respond to my observation with his own observation that I unconsciously made a delineating purchase grabbing two different colors and one of them being blue.

My husband’s simple response “So what your saying is that you bought the blue toothbrush for me” and I said yes, but it was not intentionally conscious that I made color choices based on gender until just now!!

Why does this little color observation even matter?

We make choices every day and some are authentically from our hearts.   Other choices are made because we think we are expected to as my husband thought the blue toothbrush was for him.  Blue is an unconscious male specific color so we have been programmed to think.

Growing up with an older sister and a little brother we all had our preferred Charms lollipops “color/flavor choices”.  Orange was my older sister’s; purple was mine and red was my little brother’s.  Our grandparents, aunts and uncles made purchases for us based on those colors as I reflect on the colors of our holiday outfits and accessories.

Did we really like those colors or did we make a snap color choice that ended up defining other choices for us going forward from our lollipops to our clothing and even my purple maid of honor gown for my sister’s wedding that she chose for me.

What I learned from that blue toothbrush is that we run through the days and years making choices that can potentially influence other’s choices besides ones we either make for ourselves or are made for us.

I want to be very intentional about my choices going forward making sure my choices have not been preset or subliminally suggested but are truly authentically my own.

Image shot with my Samsung Galaxy Camera #VZWBuzz.

Verizon Wireless Lifestyle Blogger Program

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