Radiant Orchid, Pantone’s Color of the Year 2014 “Everything’s Coming Up Orchid”

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Pantone, an X-Rite company and the global authority, announced 12/05/13 PANTONE® 18-3224 Radiant Orchid, a captivating, magical, enigmatic purple, as the color of the year for 2014. 

About the PANTONE Color of the Year

AP Photo Karly Domb Sadof    a model walks the runway during the Marc by Marc Jacobs Fall 2013 fashion show during Fashion Week

Models walk the runway at Milan Fashion Week Spring 2014 for Misson

Officially known as Radiant Orchid, the tropical shade is a color-wheel contrast to green, said Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute, but it’s not the red that would have been a more obvious choice. “It’s a little different, it’s a little off the beaten path, and it’s not a primary color,” she explains. “It’s an invitation to innovation. The purple family offers (an) opportunity to do creative things.” Read more: 

 The color of the year selection requires careful consideration and, to arrive at the selection, Pantone quite literally combs the world looking for color influences. This can include the entertainment industry and films that are in production, traveling art collections, hot new artists, popular travel destinations and other socio-economic conditions. Influences may also stem from technology, availability of new textures and effects that impact color, and even upcoming sports events that capture worldwide attention.

Manufacturers of all stripes tend to jump on the bandwagon and slap the year’s hot, new color on their products in an effort to punch up their line ups.

Shopping radiant orchid 12-6-2013 1-23-59 AM

Keurig, for instance, plans to unveil its MINI Plus coffee maker in the color of radiant orchid in February 2014, according to spokeswoman Lizzie Manganiello.

For those who don’t know what radiant orchid is, Pantone describes it as a captivating, magical and enigmatic purple. So get ready to see store shelves stocked with everything from hot-pink kitchen appliances to lipstick and sneakers in the new year. Continue reading..

Color of the year Bloomberg 12-6-2013 12-30-31 AM

Even Cakes have the new  “Radiant Orchid” color incorporated into their design!

cake 2 12-6-2013 1-43-38 AM

cake 1 12-6-2013 1-42-27 AM

For More About Color:  “Color Choices That Choose”.

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