Hashtracking Highlights 2013 Featuring HashTracks™: Shareable, Hashtag Infographics

Katie Shea Design chose just a handful of Hashtags to feature HashTracks™, a set of live, interactive and FUN Twitter hashtag infographics.

Embed HashTracks on your website, for creating engaging content with your Hashtags.

Tuscan Sun Wines Overview Framed

Tuscan Sun Wines

“A toast to the Tuscans, who inspire the world to live like kings!”
Tuscan Sun Wines by acclaimed author Frances Mayes express the pleasures of discovery, restoration, and the refreshment of body and soul. With imaginative front and back labels that are small wonders of art, Tuscan Sun Wines bring the deep joys of Italy to any occasion. A ray of Tuscan sun shines in each bottle!

TBEX Collage Framed

TBEX, the world’s largest gathering of travel bloggers, writers, and new media content creators – held their 2013 North American Conference at the Metro Convention Centre in Toronto, Canada.

NYIAS 2013 Collage 2

2013 New York auto show schedule

Mark your calendars for the 114th anniversary of the New York Int’l Auto Show happening April 18th – 27th, 2014. Be a part of North America’s first and largest auto show. Tickets to the 2014 Show are now available for purchase!

CAS13 Collage framed

2013 Chicago Auto Show information

#CAS13  Press Conferences 2013: 

2014 Chicago Auto Show info: 


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