McSorley’s: NYC’s Most Iconic Ale House with my Nokia Lumia Icon

My Visit to NYC’s  Most Iconic Ale House with my Nokia Lumia Icon

  I felt like I was transported back to an era of long ago… . A  coal burning iron stove in the front room.  A steampunk-ish brass and dark wood device for pulling draft beer.

 McSorleys NYC by KatieSheaDesignMcSorley’s Old Ale House is New York City’s oldest continuously operated saloon.

Established in 1854- McSorley’s has had everyone from Abe Lincoln to John Lennon pass through their swinging doors. Read more.. McSorleys Draft Beer Irish Blessing We chose McSorley’s as one of our St. Patrick’s Day pub stops because of the brew and the history.

There are two choices of brew at McSorley’s.  “Old Brew, a dark porter or a pale ale.

McSorleys Walls 3.jpg

McSorleys Walls 1.jpg

McSorleys Walls 2.jpg

The framed pictures on the walls create a historical, museum vibe. Quaint and cozy, sipping our brews next to the fireplace that has numerous signature carvings of visitors gone by.

McSorleys Grub NYC by KatieSheaDesign

An absolute “must have” to engage your taste buds, the cheese/cracker/onion platter along with the corned beef, red cabbage and steamed vegetable platter.

McSorleys Bartenders.jpg

Put McSorley’s Old Ale House on your Bucket List for a nice cold brew and a bite to eat when you are feeling in need of some Irish and a little New York City History!

I decided to start my St Patrick’s Day celebration in an Iconic Ale House with my new Nokia Lumia Icon smartphone.

I was eager to test out  this smartphone from Verizon since opening the box and attending a Nokia Webinar just the other day.

The 20-megapixel camera with single-finger zoom along with the HD video and awesome stereo worked out perfectly for my visit to a busy, noisy pub.

All Images were shot with my Verizon Nokia Lumia #Icon

McSorley’s Old Ale House

15 East Seventh Street, East Village; 212-473-9148;

RECOMMENDED Ale; cheeseburger with fries; chili; cheese plate with crackers and onions; liverwurst sandwich.

PRICES $3 to $10, cash only.

OPEN Daily for lunch, dinner and drinking.

RESERVATIONS Call and ask about this only if you want someone to laugh at you.

WHEELCHAIR ACCESS Accessible from the street, and one of the two restrooms is accessible.

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