Must Have FiOS Quantum TV Downton Abbey Fans!

George Clooney to Guest-Star In a Downton Abbey Christmas Sketch

George Clooney Guest Star in a Downton Abbey Christmas Sketch Source   Vanity Fair

“What does this mean for us exactly? The actor, regrettably, will not pop up on a future episode of Downton Abbey as a legit character, like Lord Clooningham, a dashing love interest whose parlor tricks endear him to everyone in the household except the ever-suspecting Dowager.

Instead, he will appear during a one-off Downton-set sketch that we stateside viewers will have to view secondhand on YouTube.”  more:

I am a little disappointed that George, as reported will not be a legit character on Downton Abbey but……

I am so excited that I have FiOS Quantum TV so I can record the full series of Downton Abbey as well as some of my other favorite TV series this fall!

YES I said the FULL Series!  How can I do that without filling up the DVR??

9-11-2014 10-49-57 AM


Store up to 200 hours of HD content.* Save full seasons of the series you love.


Record up to 12 shows at the same time.* Forget about waiting for reruns and fighting over the remote. With FiOS Quantum TV, you’ll never miss the shows you love.

Why would we EVER need to have the capability to record up to 12 shows at the same time??

We all have our favorite shows and add in specials that come up… those shows can add up rather quickly.  Compound all the sporting events (we do not all share the same teas in our house) our DVR is action packed!


You can pause, play and rewind live action on any TV in your house with a set-top box.** Not just the ones connected to a DVR. You can even move from one room, grab a snack and pick your show up in another.

The capability to rewind “live action” for me is so helpful especially while watching a cooking show that I might be following along with a recipe.


Use the Verizon FiOS Mobile App† to access live TV and On Demand movies almost anywhere on any compatible device.

We are a family that travels and it is very comforting to retire to our hotel room and know we can still watch our favorite shows from wherever we might be resting our head those nights away from our home.

We upgraded this summer and are getting so much use out of all these features.

What TV shows or special series do you want to record to view/ binge using all the features FiOS Quantum TV has to offer?

I would love to hear what your Favorite TV Series are or about the new ones coming this fall.

I invite you to share your favorites or leave any FiOS Quantum TV questions in the comments.  

**I am a member of #LifeOnFiOS – a selected team of influencers for Verizon who love the FiOS service. No compensation was provided and opinions are, as always my own.

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