Smartly Using Your SmartPhone

Give Someone the gift of your ~ FULL ~ attention.

“Leave your guns at the door.” ~  Dr. Travis Bradberry

 Image shot w/ HTC One® (M8) Smartphone

It all started with me getting off the train one stop too early resulting in arriving late for a scheduled appointment.

Yes I was one of those half dazed people hunched over a smartphone typing away listening to the conductor with one ear.

I continued to type as I exited the train finishing my email response.  I started for what I thought was the Hoboken platform and had a rush of remorse wash over me in a cold sweat.

My very punctual eldest son was waiting for me in Hoboken so we could hop on a Path train to the World Trade Center.

NJ Transit Shot with GalaxyS5 by Katie Shea Design

 Image shot w/ GalaxyS5 Smartphone

Every year he and I pay our respects to all that were lost.  This year we had an appointment for 12:00 noon to visit the newly opened 9/11 Memorial Museum.

September 11 Memorial Pools with Anthony DeCosmo shot with GalaxyS5 by Katie Shea Design

 Image shot w/ GalaxyS5 Smartphone

We ended up changing our appointed time and my son expressed his concern for my lack of awareness because of my smartphone usage.

Sept 11 Memorial more reflecions shot with GalaxyS5

 Image shot w/ GalaxyS5 Smartphone

Inside 911 Memorial Museum shot with HTC One M8

 Image shot w/ HTC One® (M8) Smartphone

So fresh in my mind this experience, I had a heightened awareness for the rest of the day of all of my surroundings.

What I noticed was the majority of people I encountered were either bent over on their smartphones, chatting on them or snapping pictures.  There was not much interaction with the people they physically were with.

I continued to observe as we traveled home on the train and grabbed a bite to eat.

The more I concentrated on not using my smartphone and engaging with my sons, the more  I could not help but notice what was not going on around us.

People are living in their individual separate worlds simulating togetherness by physically being present but not actually being present with the people present with them in real life.

I started doing some research on smartphone usage, etiquette, addiction and abuse.

I came across the following post that I feel can be applied to most everyday situations and/or circumstances:

Why Successful People Never Bring Smartphones Into Meetings by Dr. Travis Bradberry

You can fill in the blank with just about any life situation in the following sentence although the author had used “meetings” in his sentence.

“Why do so many people—especially successful people—find smartphone use in _____ to be inappropriate? When you take out your phone it shows a:”

As I ran down the list I realized that I have been lacking in every area cited but not in meetings; even worse my personal life.  I have been allowing my work life to always overlap into my personal life to the point of getting off a train prematurely.

I am a digital correspondent that curates and delivers content for a living.  My cameras and smartphones are always in my hand.  I am a member of the #VZWBuzz influence team as well as the #LifeOnFiOS influencer team.  I evaluate new technology, use it and write about it.  I cannot help always using my smartphone or can I??

I decided to design an infographic sourced from “Why Successful People Never Bring Smartphones Into Meetings”.

This infographic features my smartphone offenses in a way I can communicate to myself and my audience.

These offenses can be applied to most smartphone scenarios that involve real life people vs any technological community.

The only time I will deem it suitable in a meeting to actually have my smartphone out and actively using it will be at my next  #VZWBuzz Team meeting.


Smartphone usage Ingographic designed by Katie Shea Design

Image designed with Canva

Infographic Sourced from:

Why Successful People Never Bring Smartphones Into Meetings

by Dr. Travis Bradberry

There is a time, place and proper usage for smartphones.  REAL live people should never be trumped by smartphones unless of course it is an emergency.

Smartphone Etiquette Links:

Improve Your Public Cell Phone Courtesy

Practicing Smartphone Etiquette

Images were shot with a HTC One® (M8) and a GalaxyS5 Smartphone

I am a member of the Verizon Wireless Lifestyle Blogger Program #VZWBuzz which gives me free access to mobile technology and other benefits.  There is no additional compensation and no promise of a positive review.  The opinions are my own.

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