My Captain Underpants

Share A Favorite Memory As A Mom Katie Shea Design My Captain UnderPants 1999

As I sat staring at my 26 year old son across the breakfast table this morning a memory flashed across my mind.  The memory was of a little boy who devoured books like they were candy.

I sat listening to him share his world with me, his life in New York City, his business ideas, his college classes and his new MAC Laptop’s exciting technology. All I could think of was how much his love for reading has impacted his life.

I enjoy asking him what he is currently reading because he always has a book or two or three that he shares with me.  The look on his face as he describes his books is the same face of the little child I brought to the library at around two years old.  The little boy who managed to read through almost the entire science section of our local library by the time he was six years old!

All I could see was My Captain Underpants tearing through our guest room (formerly his bedroom) looking for his Italian Text Book to use in his fourth and final year of Italian.

Our son discovered the Captain Underpants Book Series when he was about eight years old.  He would wait impatiently for each book to be released over several years. The Captain Underpants series was a break for him from all his heavy Science reading and opened the door for reading all the Harry Potter books.

How could I ever know that the little boy who sat cross legged on the library floor with an open book on his lap and a stack of books beside him to check out would carry his love for reading to Columbia University.

What favorite memory comes to your mind from your child raising years?



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