My Halloween Themed Repurposed Tennis Ball Canister


Repurposed Tennis Ball Container Halloween Decor By Katie Shea Design

This Halloween Decoration was created as part of a sponsored post for Voya Financial.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

One of my most favorite things to do is to repurpose everything I can.  I have been doing this for years and have driven my family crazy with all my little collections of bottles, cans etc.

I even had my son in law smuggle out of his house to me an over sized gelato container because my daughter wouldn’t contribute it to my hobby or as she says “my addiction” LOL!!

Every penny counts especially when you are baby boomers like my husband and I and have an eye on retirement further down the road.  Repurposing is a great way to save money and explore your own creativity and imagination.

So when I walked down the fall holiday aisle while shopping in Michael’s I spotted this fabulous Purple Top Hat Headband with Black Flower & Spider  and instantly was mesmerized by it.

Purple Top head 2

I had already been working on a project for Voya Financial repurposing tennis gear into a craft project.  So I already had the bug of creativity running through my veins when I happenstanced on this amazing, inspiring hat.

I stood in the aisle and tried to imagine how I could incorporate this hat into a repurposing project.

While my brain was spinning I walked further down the aisle and came across a display of Halloweenish socks and temporary tattoos.

At that moment it all came together for me. I already had a tennis ball canister that was just screaming to be dressed up!!

Repurposed Tennis Ball Container Halloween Decor By Katie Shea Design (4)

I gathered the rest of my supplies running through Michael’s eager to get home to pull together my vision of my Halloween character that was going to sit in the middle of my pumpkin patch.

Repurposed Tennis Ball Container Halloween Decor By Katie Shea Design (8)

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Repurposed Tennis Ball Container Halloween Decor By Katie Shea Design (3)

Repurposed Tennis Ball Container Halloween Decor By Katie Shea Design (6)

It is that time in the Northeast that when you get a day with a bit of a chill and you become someone with fall fever.  Do you have “Fall Fever” yet?  Do you have any retired tennis gear that you can repurpose?  Would love to hear from you!!  Happy Repurposing!!

Thank you Voya Financial for inspiring me using the idea of repurposing tennis gear for my first Halloween craft project of this year!

It Made A Difference To That One!


One does not meet oneself until one catches the reflection from an eye other than human. Loren Eiseley   Image shot by Katie Shea Design NYC with iPhone6 VZWBuzz

Once upon a time, there was an old man who used to go to the ocean to do his writing. He had a habit of walking on the beach every morning before he began his work. Early one morning, he was walking along the shore after a big storm had passed and found the vast beach littered with starfish as far as the eye could see, stretching in both directions.

Off in the distance, the old man noticed a small boy approaching.  As the boy walked, he paused every so often and as he grew closer, the man could see that he was occasionally bending down to pick up an object and throw it into the sea.  The boy came closer still and the man called out, “Good morning!  May I ask what it is that you are doing?”

The young boy paused, looked up, and replied “Throwing starfish into the ocean. The tide has washed them up onto the beach and they can’t return to the sea by themselves,” the youth replied. “When the sun gets high, they will die, unless I throw them back into the water.”

The old man replied, “But there must be tens of thousands of starfish on this beach. I’m afraid you won’t really be able to make much of a difference.”

The boy bent down, picked up yet another starfish and threw it as far as he could into the ocean. Then he turned, smiled and said, “It made a difference to that one!”

adapted from The Star Thrower, by Loren Eiseley (1907 – 1977)

Gazing from Bryant Park the other day I caught the glorious image of the Tower across the street  reflecting a cityscape of skyscrapers.

The image spoke to me about something that has been on my heart.

Last week I took my best friend Shea to the taping of the talk show The View.

Lots of planning needed to take place to make this happen seamlessly since Shea has MS and needs a wheelchair to get around.

We arrived in front of ABC dressed up in costume as requested for the Halloween taping. Our costumes were chosen based on their adaptability to accommodate the wheelchair.

Katie and Shea in costume for the View's Halloween taping NYC shot with iPhone6 VZWBuzz

We were outside waiting for more time than expected but we were enjoying all the people on the line exchanging stories and laughter.

We finally were ushered into the show’s waiting area and offered some snacks and to freshen up before we were seated.  All this is just normal procedure but very difficult for a person in a wheelchair.

When we were being seated “I” was asked if Shea would need to stay in the wheelchair or if she could take a regular seat.  She chose the regular seat.

While we were trying to get settled into our seats we were told to “sit down” by a very unfriendly security staff member.  It was quite clear that we were making the transition from a wheelchair to a regular seat and the tone used by this person as well as the strong request was uncalled for.

Her wheelchair was then whisked away to an undisclosed location to be returned at the end of the taping.

The taping took double the time that it was scheduled for and everybody was good sports about it.  When a situation happens like this it calls for more than usual the applause the audience is requested to provide as well as no bathroom breaks, food or water.

When you have disabilities, limitations or handicapped in anyway this all can wreak havoc for anyone possessing any of the these situations.

Again nobody complained and all complied with the requests for applause and audience participation.

When the show’s taping was finally over it was almost 4 pm in stark contrast to the projected time of 2 pm.  We decided to remain seated until the staffer brought back the wheelchair as the security team was dismissing our section first and then the rest of the sections of audience.

While we were quietly waiting, needing to desperately freshen up, quench our thirst and grab a snack we were approached by the same security staffer that initially told us to “Sit Down” in not in a nice tone.

He now told us to “Get Up!”  We told him we were waiting for Shea’s wheelchair to be brought to us. He then said we had to “Get Out of Here” in a nasty disrespectful tone.

When the staffer brought the wheelchair to Shea; she wanted to get into the wheelchair herself as she has requested me to not assist her with the things she can still do.  I turned my head and feigned taking a picture as to give her space and privacy.

I was then reprimanded rudely by the security staffer.  He told me to “get over there and help her instead of taking pictures” so we can get out of there!

I stared at him in outrage and disgust.  I did not respond to him with the words that were running through my mind.  I grabbed my handicapped best friend and made a beeline for the exit.

Shea was extremely upset as well as myself and decided to let some time go by before I proceeded with any action or reference to this incident.

The image of the Tower reflecting a cityscape of skyscrapers reminded me  that our words and actions are reflections that can cast either a good or bad impression.

“One does not meet oneself until one catches the reflection from an eye other than human.”  ~  Loren Eiseley

I tweeted a few words to the #TheView after we left the studio.  I am happy to say that the hard working Tom Kelly, Stand Up Comic and Warm Up Comedian For ABC’s The View  responded to my tweet almost immediately.

1b. Tom Kelly warming up the guests on the View's Halloween Show   shot by KatieSheaDesign

Tom apologized for the actions of the security staffer and said he was grateful that we stuck around all those hours.

Tom’s words and swift reply made a difference to my friend “It made a difference to that one!”

Some ask why go to an event that clearly can be a challenge for someone in a wheelchair?

My answer is: “It makes a difference to this one!” who is my best friend.

After traveling across the country with Shea in a wheelchair these past few weeks I can say that I see things from her perspective.

A few tips to keep in mind when you see somebody disabled in a wheelchair:

*They are not weak because they are in a wheelchair

*They can still hear, speak and make decisions for themselves until otherwise indicated

*Please respect the person in the wheelchair by speaking directly to them

Lastly to the Security Staffer:

A handicapped person already feels different and ostracized from everyday life and society in general.  A day in the life of someone needing a wheelchair is rough to say the least.  Please exercise respect as if the person is standing on their own 2 feet.

Images shot with a Verizon  iPhone6  #VZWBuzz

 **I am a member of  #VZWBuzz Ambassador team.  Technology was provided and opinions are, as always my own.

The Question is Which Lindt Chocolate is Your Favorite?

The Month of August Lindt Master Chocolatier has given Instagrammers the opportunity to post an image of their favorite Lindt Chocolate on Instagram using Hashtag #LindLove.

Lindt’s reward: Lindt Chocolate prizes!

Lindt Instagram Contest

Katie Shea Design decided to jump on board and post an image of  favorite Lindt Chocolate.

LindtLove Image by Katie Shea Design

The image was shot with a GalaxyS5 using the selective focus option in HDR mode.


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Putting Up the Pinky for #DoTheDownton @WorldMarket

Do The Downton by WorldMarket

A Social Media Party Across All Platforms!

It’s more than a ‘Virtual Tea Party’ it’s a Social Media Movement! And the best part? There are TONS of ways to play!

 RSVP: Ascending  for the #DotheDownton @worldmarket Virtual #Tea Party 12/8/13 11 am PST/2 pm EST! (oh & a trip to #London too!) 

Where Is Your Heart? Where is your Mind?

If you want to know where your heart is, Quote

If you want to know where your heart is, look where your mind goes when it wanders ~ Henri Frederic Amiel  – #Quote

A question I have asked myself at the beginning of this holiday season and as the year 2013 is coming to it’s end.

A question for the heart….

Image shot with a Samsung Galaxy Camera #VZWBuzz

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Trick or Treat with Bette Midler …… The Katie Show’s Halloween Special

Join me 10-31-2013 9-00-57 AM 2


What Katie’s Wearing Today for Halloween Bash – Photo Credit: Katie Couric Show

What a Happy Halloween for myself and the rest of the studio audience to actually meet Bette Midler face to face!!

The Katie Show's Halloween Set #NYC with photo credit

Bette Midler revealed  the cult classic “Hocus Pocus” is one of her favorite films.  Find out why!

Bette Midler Katie Show NYC Halloween Special

Katie Show’s Halloween Bash with Bette Midler ! – Photo Credit: Katie Couric Show:

It’s the question Bette Midler fans around the world want the answer to! Bette Midler reveals if she has plans for a new album.

What does Bette Midler think of antics like “whipping out the girls” for a bit of attention? The Divine Miss M weighs in on how stars like Miley Cyrus and Lady Gaga are pushing the envelope.

Every year, Bette throws her annual n Hulaweebash for the New York Restoration Project. And this year, Katie and designer David Dalerimple surprise Bette with her costume. And because the theme is “The Big Easy,” Bette needs a little extra flair.

The theme at Hulaween is “The Big Easy” so who better to cook up a feast than New Orleans native Brain Landry?  He shows off his tantalizing treats.

Brian Landry shows us how to make the night’s signature drink, Buffalo’s Neck.

Do you believe in ghosts?  Katie sits down with the paranormal investigators on the hit Travel Channel show “Ghost Adventures.”

The stars of “Ghost Adventures” share their most hair-raising ghost story yet.

Special effects artist Glenn Hetrick stops by to judge a Halloween edition of our own Face-Off competition.

Beware of the zombie.

Who should win the Face-Off competition?  The zombie or the werewolf?

Some very special trick or treaters stop by the studio.

Sesame Street’s The Count stops by with a surprise for Katie’s littlest trick or treaters.

Last  but not least  a spooktacular performance by the Broadway cast of “Wicked,”


Tracy Locke Comediane at Katie Couric Show with photo credit

Special Thanks  to  Comedian Tracy Locke  who kept us on our toes and in stitches  with constant motion and comedic antics prior and throughout the show.

While perusing the audience for fodder, Tracy interviewed a very talented impressionist that also entertained us with her impromptu impersonations “ The Bianca Lopez”.

@Katieshow #KatieCouric is a total class act. She sets the bar for #elegance, #sophistication and #education. ❤”

Katie Couric by Bianca Lopez  2

Quote and Image By Bianca Lopez:

I was thrilled to be in Katie Couric’s studio audience to enjoy all of her very special  Halloween guests.

Kathleen DeCosmo at the Katie Coric Show

Thank you Katie Couric and staff for a very memorable Halloween!

Katie Couric Staff with photo credit

Verizon Wireless Lifestyle Blogger Program

Select images snapped with my Verizon Droid Ultra #VZWBuzz  #Droid

Verizon’s Nokia Lumia 928 #VZWbuzz

I have to say that I fell in love with this phone several months ago while at #VZWBuzz meeting.

The display is gorgeous and does not wash out while using on a sunny beach and places that are extremely bright.

The phone size is a bit bigger than what I usually prefer but presents so many unique features it makes my head spin.

When I received the phone in my hot little hands I became overwhelmed with the numerous features I could choose from.

I found this Verizon Support Nokia Lumia 928 site essential  in setting up my smartphone:

Verizon Support is extraordinary!

The features that I find unique to this smartphone are:

  • Personalizing my Phone by: Pinning, Resizing, Moving and Unpinning a tile

  • People Hub is great to quickly post to my social networks

  • Rooms where you can follow your social networking feeds of specific friends, family, and business contacts.

  • Finding with HERE Drive+

  • Using Turn-By-Turn Navigation with HERE Drive+

  • Creating a Document in Office right on my phone

My most favorite feature is the Kid’s Corner which is a special area on the Nokia Lumia 928 that can be set up specific to your kids, nieces and nephews. They won’t be able to access the rest of your phone. Customize the color, photo and add apps, games, music or videos that you want them to see.

Nokia  Lumia 928 Kid's Corner

Battery life is a huge issue for me.  I travel with multiple smartphone battery chargers and this becomes cumbersome most times.  I have been waiting for a smartphone to come along with a long battery life.

I find that the Nokia Lumia 928 has an excellent battery life which is essential to me using social media apps and am on the road constantly.

I have not tried it yet but some users have said that they can play their music for several days without having to charge the battery.

I think this particular phone is perfect for a growing family because of the Kid’s corner, security features and the rooms for specific family and friends.

I use Google+ for sharing presentations and documents live regularly so I do not think I will be making the switch anytime soon to the Nokia Lumia 928 as my main business phone.

I am still in the “getting to know you phase” with my Nokia Lumia 928 and will continue to go through the menu of features and apply them to my daily life.

“Detailed specifications for the Nokia Lumia 928”

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Editor of Distinction Cynthia Bogart of The Daily Basics

What is The Daily Basics?

This growing community is developing a unique lifestyle environment on and off the web. Strategical live and virtual events  are included in this eco-system where communities of people from all avenues in lifestyle are engaged.

The Daily Basics is all about Lifestyle – the quality, differences, style and trends on how people are actually living.  Never before has there been a directory of key lifestyle bloggers integrated into an eco-system where the average person can easily engage with the best daily conversation online in one destination.   To quote Cynthia “We are not replacing the magazine, we are simply a new way of delivering content to readers with same warm and cozy experience they got from their paper magazines but in a deeper more meaningful way”.

Cynthia Bogart:  Founder and Editor-in-Chief of The Daily Basics

If  you’ve opened up a copy of Better Homes & Gardens, Traditional Home, Renovation Style or Kitchen & Bath Ideas, you might have seen a few of the articles The Daily Basics editor, Cynthia Bogart has been producing for the last 18 years.  Cynthia’s job was to find homes and trends; style and work with top photographers, shoot the stories and then write the manuscript for many of the articles you’ve been reading all these years.  Is it any wonder that when the trend turned from paper to online that she was a few steps ahead of everyone else?  Cynthia’s vision is to give YOU,  the reader,  fresh cutting edge content from people who are lifestyle & home experts every day,  five days a week.

Basically Loves:  Living a great quality lifestyle based on old fashioned principles in a new trendy way!

March 13th 2012 8PM EST  Cynthia Bogart AKA  The Daily Basics  and  Chef Robin White  @canapes45  will be Hosting  the #TuscanSunChat  Tweet Chat  moderating an hour long event to celebrate the release of the new book:

“The Tuscan Sun Cookbook”.   Authors Frances and Edward Mayes will jump on to Twitter to chat with all their fans, ready to answer your candid questions.

To follow all the action on the night of the Tweet Chat you will want to make sure to “follow”  on @Twitter .

Lead Sponsor for the Tweet Chat is Signorello Estates, in Napa, known for their great wines.   Follow them on Twitter @SigVin.

To join in the chat, go to at 8PM EST on March 13th and login.

Search the hashtag #TuscanSunChat.

 Follow along with:

Hosts :

Cynthia Bogart  @thedailybasics

Chef Robin White  @canapes45

Authors :

Frances Mayes  @francesmayes

Edward Mayes @Edwardmayes

Chef Michael McMillan  @SignorelloChef  from the  Lead Sponsor for the Tweet Chat  Signorello Estates, in Napa, known for their great wines.   Follow them on Twitter @SigVin.

Chef  Robin White’s Web Page:  has very specific    #TuscanSunChat  instructions  as well as a link  for TWITTER LESSONS.

Hope You Join The  March 13th 8PM EST  #TuscanSunChat!

Wine Twit of Distinction

#GDandBurgers Wine Tasting/Pairing

Look at these great Twitpics from last night's #GDandBurgersevent

Our Dessert, a Cupcake by Mr. Cupcakes  wearing a Cupcake Wrap designed to commemorate our WineTwits Virtual Wine Tasting/Pairing!

Tuesday July 26th, my husband and I participated in a

Virtual Wine Tasting Event Which was hosted by

Georges Duboeuf’s Export Director Yann Bourigault and Chef Bob Waggoner, host of PBS’s Ucook with Chef Bob, conducted  a live Beaujolais and Burger Tasting on Tuesday, July 26 from 8:00PM EST, which was also streamed out to hundreds of other tastemakers from around the country. Chef Bob demonstrated three mouth watering burger creations, and Yann paired each burger with a fantastic Beaujolais from the cellar of Georges Duboeuf.  Contd…

What is a Virtual Wine Tasting you might ask…..?

How did we participate in a Virtual Tasting? shipped 3 Bottles of the selected wine with wine tasting placemats, information on each wine to be tasted and recipes for the burger/sliders to be paired with each wine.

We were instructed to sign on   a little bit prior to the start time, have our burgers ready for the tasting/pairing and be ready to tweet as we followed Yann Bourigault and Chef Bob Waggoner live during the live tasting/pairing.

This was both I and my husband’s first ever virtual event and we thoroughly enjoyed it.  There was tremendous participation virtually and the tweets were flying as we all followed along tasting our creations and sipping each wine.

We enjoyed listening to the live stream and reading the tweets from all who participated.  I also received tweets from people in my stream wanting to know what was going on with this hash tagged event.  I then had the opportunity to answer briefly with a tweet.

I applaud, Export Director Yann Bourigault and Chef Bob Waggoner, host of PBS’s Ucook with Chef Bob for a successful Event.

I recommend stopping by

And/or Twitter!/WineTwits and perhaps consider attending an Event either virtually or Live!

Wine Twits is an easy to use twitter-powered community bringing together wine enthusiasts to talk about wine, events and special offers. Wine Twits takes wine-related messages, using Twitter as the content platform, and organizes those messages by wine type, varietal, region, pairings and user ratings. You’re encouraged to rate the wines you’ve tasted on a plus scale. Use the plus symbol “+” (didn’t enjoy) to “+++++” (extraordinary).  Contd…

Wine Twits serves up insider info, deals and special offers on wine & more!