Recording NY Mets Baseball History With Verizon FiOS


I love attending a Live baseball game versus watching on TV.

Citi Field Katie Shea Design #VZWbuzz

Both have their own pros and cons.

Dining at Citi Field’s  Acela Club is definitely in the “pro” column for me.  I can watch the game and enjoy the amazing buffet spread along with a very cold beer of my choosing.

Beer Citi Field image by kathleen DeCosmo Katie Shea Design VZWbuzz

It happened to be lightly raining while we were very cozily sipping, noshing and viewing the NY Mets playing the San Francisco Giants in the comfort of our Acela Club chairs.

Around the third inning, we moved down to our stadium seats just in time to watch the Mets set a new franchise record for the most runs scored in an inning.

Citi Field Mets NYC Bases loaded 4 29 16 3rd inning record for franchise image by Kathleen DeCosmo Katie SheaDesign

The con in this scenario is that you cannot repeatedly rewind the history that was just made like you can when you are at home watching the game on your Verizon FiOS network.

I did manage to catch a small clip of the fans going crazy during the third inning scoring.

Mets set a new franchise record for the most runs in an inning 4 29 16 video clip by Kathleen Decosmo Katie Shea Design VZWbuzz

I assumed my husband had already set the game to record.  I glanced over to confirm and caught a glimpse of him checking his FiOS Mobile App.

To his disappointment, he had not set up the recording that would’ve had the historical inning to watch at his leisure.  He proceeded to record the rest of the game, then to his surprise and relief Verizon FiOS grabbed the prior hour of what was playing on channel 577 SNY because the TV was already on that specific channel and in the buffer!! The recording started from around the second inning and that was a gift to him!!

FiOS Recording mets VS SF Giants Katie Shea Design #VZWbuzz

If you are a Verizon FiOS Customer already you can download the FiOS Mobile App at Google Play and the App Store to start streaming your recorded content from anywhere with an internet connection right away.

A glimpse of Verizon FiOS Mobile App Capabilities:

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