Empire Premiering Jan 2015 on Fox


The Screening of the Pilot for Empire on Fox at Crosby St Hotel NYC shot by Anthony DeCosmo of KatieSheaDesign  LifeOnFiOS

FOX Publicity hosted a Tastemaker event for their new series Empire on 10/27 in New York at the Crosby St Hotel’s screening room.  Katie Shea Design’s Kathleen DeCosmo  and Anthony DeCosmo ( Social Media Influencers and Digital Correspondents) as well as Influencer Glen Gilmore attended as a guests of Fox and Verizon LifeOnFiOS Brand Ambassadors.

Empire First Look trailer

The new series starring Terrence Howard and Taraji P. Henson centers around a music mogul and his family. The mogul, played by Terrence Howard is ready to pass his company on to one of his children after learning of a fatal illness. However his plans are ruined when his ex-wife Cookie (Taraji P. Henson) returns from prison and wants half of the empire back.

The drama will also star Gabourey Sidibe and Courtney Love. The original soundtrack was also written and produced by Timbaland. Empire is set to premiere on Fox in January. – See more

Lee Daniels warmly welcomed all of us guests and made a friendly introduction of producer Danny Strong (his partner in crime), all of Empire’s producers and cast members Terrence Howard who plays (Lucious Lyon ) and Taraji P. Henson (Cookie Lyon) also present for the screening.

The gamut of emotions this screening evoked ranged from deep empathy, sympathy, rage and lots of humor.  The story touches on so many real life family issues that people are working out and/or struggling with every day.

Terrence Howard and Taraji P. Henson give stunning performances!

Some important and telling quotes from the screening:

“Show Me Your Soul in This Music” ~ Lucious Lyon

“ Music Saved My Life” ~ Lucious Lyon

“I Gotch You” ~ Cookie Lyon

“ I Am Here to Get Whats Mine”  ~ Cookie Lyon

“17 Years Later and You Are Still Beautiful”  ~ Lucious Lyon

“Wasting Your Talent on Bitches and Booze” ~ Lucious Lyon

“I Just Want To Be Good Enough” ~ Jamal Lyon

A reception and conversation with the Executive producers immediately followed the screening of the pilot.


Lee Daniels  also on IMDb

Danny Strong also on IMDb

Brian Grazer also on IMDb

Ilene Chaiken also on IMDb

Francie Calfo also in IMDb

I believe Fox has a hit on their hands!!!  Cannot wait until January!

Official Twitter for Empire: @EmpireFOX  Official Hashtag  #Empire

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Many Thanks to Fox and Verizon #LifeOnFiOS!

Happy Mother’s Day: A Musical Tribute

Happy Mother's Day by Visual Poetics CURATED  by  Katie Shea Design

Raised by a single mother, Kevin Durant is the NBA’s 2013-14 Most Valuable Player.

Kevin Durant’s powerful, emotional MVP acceptance speech went viral impacting the hearts of so many.

Kevin recounted that he fell in love with basketball in the second grade.

Kevin shared his memory of the little family’s first apartment. “No bed, no furniture.  We sat in the living room and hugged.  We felt like we made it!”

This video very personally touched my heart as well as this recently released single “Happy Mother’s Day” by Visual Poetics:

Happy Mother's Day by Visual Poetics

It is truly poetic that this “Happy Mother’s Day” single was released just a few days before Kevin Durant’s beautiful tribute to his single mother.

Kevin’s tribute to his mom depicts exactly what this Mother’s Day single is expressing musically.

Kevin praised his mother, honoring her and all that she did for him and his brother:

“YOU made us believe,

kept us off the street,

put clothes on our back

food on the table

went to sleep hungry.

You sacrificed for us

YOUR the real MVP

Symbolic image of a man who plays basketball

“Happy Mother’s Day” by Visual Poetics speaks of the single mom’s struggles, the feelings of the fatherless child and the encouragement that is felt by the strength spoken and exemplified by a single mom.

So uncannily parallel with Kevin Durant’s emotional acceptance speech to this recently released “Happy Mother’s Day” single.

Join me in congratulating Kevin Durant’s Mom Wanda Pratt in accomplishing so much as a single mother and making her son proud to call her Mom.

I want to invite you to also listen to this “Happy Mother’s Day” single by Visual Poetics:

Happy Mother's Day Sound Cloud by Visual Poetics

 Happy Mother’s Day

To every person that has been a MOM to someone!


About the Artist Visual Poetics:


Visual Poetics is the founding member and long time producer of the underground group known as Little Egypt. Releasing several albums and touring extensively, Little Egypt became known for combining that raw Brooklyn Hip-Hop stage energy with conscious level lyrics.

In particular, Visual Poetics’ style is that of an old school storyteller.  Weaving vivid images with complex metaphors, Vis (pronounced Viz) has been known to resurface from time to time dropping political pieces and other collaborative efforts over the past few years.

This chapter, Happy Mother’s Day, includes heavy production work from Compton’s own multitalented Trae Sevn and Khordz (of Little Egypt) combined with the smooth sounds of soulful singer/lyricist Madd Mary (look out!) for this heartfelt shout out and dedication to single parents worldwide.