Nothing Is Impossible for the Lord

Nothing is impossible for the Lord.   Katie Shea Design

I went to bed last night with a heavy heart and woke up with a heavy heart.

Starting my day begins with a nuclear hot cup of tea and Our Daily Bread Devotional.

When I opened the devotional site I was met with the following title:

“Facing The Impossible” 

I smiled at God because once again I felt his presence all around me.

There are things that come our way that seem to have no correct answers and seem mathematically impossible as well as not humanly possible.

Today’s day and age the millennial generation seems to have so many advantages and tools at their fingertips.  I agree that growing up in this Technology boom era has created so many new opportunities that my Baby Boomer generation did not have at our disposal.

There is one thing that is constant, has always been and will always be and that is God.

I have learned while navigating this journey that we call life that nothing is a sure thing.  My faith is what has carried me through the darkest hours and most joyous blessings.

All the technology and modern medicine within our grasp does not supersede the power of God.

As I pray today I am constantly reminded that God has a plan.  God’s plan does not necessarily mean that it lines up with my plan.  So I pray that God would give me the peace that surpasses all understanding.  Phil 4:7

Faith is being sure of what you hope for and certain of what you do not see. ~ Hebrews 11:1

Nothing is impossible for the Lord.


Watching First #MCEOtalk Using My FiOS Quantum Gateway Router


Last night was the first ever #MCEOTalk hosted by Vincenzo Landino, social media strategist and a community ambassador to name a few.

Vincent Landino on MCEOTalk

The first topic for discussion was “What it takes to be a Millennial Leader.”

#MCEOtalk is a live omnichannel panel discussion held weekly on Wednesday’s at 9pm ET. Hosted by Vincenzo Landino and the Millennial CEO team.

MCEOtalk Ep. 1 40115 at 9pm ET discussing What It Takes To Be A Millennial Leader via MillennialCEO

Topics are centered around solving business problems with a millennial mindset.

The format includes a Twitter chat, Google Hangout, podcast, blog posts, and live streaming video from hosts and guests on Periscope and Meerkat.

#MCEOtalk encourages ongoing dialogue throughout the week via the hashtag and community members are encouraged to communicate directly with hosts and guests on the channel of their preference. The learning never stops!

What impressed me the most about was the integration of all the multiple platforms used by the #MCEOtalk hosts as well as the smooth collaboration of topics during the conversation.

Some of my Favorite Talking points:

Millennial leaders must earn respect and practice bottom up management. Collaboration is key!  Image by KatieSheaDesign


Different Things Motivate Different people Image designed by Katie Shea Design

Labels can make you a manager but not a leader Image by katieSheaDesign

I am able to upload and stream on multiple Social Media Platforms (Meerkat, Periscope, google+ and twitter) like last night’s #MCEOtalk at breakneck speeds because of my Verizon FiOS Quantum Gateway router.

VZ gateways 400 x 300

Boost your bandwidth.

The FiOS Quantum Gateway uses dual-band technology for faster sharing and the best connection to the FiOS® network.  Dual-band technology gives you two separate frequencies, allowing your family to perform both high and low bandwidth activities such as checking email and streaming movies simultaneously.  More bandwidth means less congestion making for a more seamless Internet experience even when using multiple devices.

Fios Quatum Delivers

I look forward to next weeks #MCEOtalk!!

Disclosure: **I am a member of the #LifeOnFiOS Ambassador Team – A  select team of influencers for Verizon FiOS who love the FiOS service. Compensation was provided and opinions are, as always my own.


What Will Be On Your Coffee Table?? Ikea Catalog 2015


Ikea 2015 Catalog #IKEAcatalog Press Event NYC photo Credit Katie Shea Design 1 Where the everyday begins


IKEA announced on July 16th, 2014 that the new 2015 IKEA U.S. catalog, filled with design inspiration and new products for every area of the home, will be available to the public starting this August. Themed Where the Everyday Begins and Ends, this years catalog highlights the two important rooms where people sleep and get ready every morning and night the bedroom and the bathroom. Readers will learn how IKEA can help them make the beginning and end of their days more comfortable, more calm and more organized by designing their spaces based on their own routines, utilizing smart space solutions, and expressing their personal styles.

After more than 50 years in the furniture business, Ikea decided to perform its very first global company survey. The goal of the survey was to “[dig] into how the world wakes up by tuning in to eight different metropoles in eight different countries [to investigate] the morning routines, habits and wishes of those who live there.” Ikea then used the study’s findings—sourced from residents of Berlin, London, Moscow, Mumbai, New York, Paris, Shanghai and Stockholm—to inform the creations of several new products in its 2015 collection. contd..

Last week I attended the launch of Ikea’s 2015 Catalog in NYC.  Local influencers were invited to a slumber party themed event at a pop up space in lower Manhattan. The space was styled with bedroom products such as bedding, closet and wardrobe pieces along with vanity displays.

What a great idea  Dvala quilt cover you can customize IKEAcatalog photo credit KatieSheaDesign

What a great idea.  Dvala quilt cover you can customize #IKEAcatalog

What a great storage idea from IKEAcatalog cover

What a great storage idea from #IKEAcatalog 2015

Becky LaFranchi, the Communications and Interior Design manager USA Ikea had a Q & A with Mike Doyle of Ketchum NYC.

Rebecca LaFranchi of Ikea and  Mike Doyle of Ketchum NYC  Ikea 2015 catalog reveal photo credit Katie Shea Design

Talking points:

“The bedroom is not just for sleep.  There is a family bed where movie nights are viewed and everyone has a spot to sit.  A private room for the family.”

Ikea 2015 Catalog IKEAcatalog Comforters, Duvets and A canvas to Design  Credit Katie Shea Design

Ikea 2015 Catalog IKEAcatalog Comforters  Duvets fun patterns Photo Credit Katie Shea Design

Ikea 2015 Catalog IKEAcatalog Comforters, Duvets Photo Credit Katie Shea Design

Ikea 2015 Catalog IKEAcatalog fun pieces  Photo Credit Katie Shea Design

Ikea 2015 Catalog IKEAcatalog Bed and Bath fun Photo Credit Katie Shea Design



Do not worry about the size of your living space because outside is your living room.

By 2050, 86% of developed countries will be living in urban areas.  A world that exists outside of our four walls.


A rise in “Small Space” living in the US  in order to have a world that exists outside of our four walls and has nothing to do with an economic decline.

Becky’s Inspiration: materials, visual texture and tactile.

Do not be afraid of color, be afraid of beige (humor).

Families are learning to live together again in their space.

The color that sells is beige.  It is a delicate balancing act of bringing in color.  Different pieces with color really have different places in Ikea.


The lowest price point products are the hardest to design, finding materials, suppliers and stackability is what goes into Ikea’s equation to arrive at the best product and price point.

Ikea is celebrated as an accessible brand.

“Respect to the range”.  

 Ikea speaks to their customers through their room settings in their stores.

Millennials are breaking all the rules, teaching us what life will be going forward.  They are not quite as interested as having a home for 30 years, a job for 30 years and they really see the World as their opportunity.

What millennials own is temporary.  “The 2015 collection is inspired by millennials”.

 Baby Boomers/ Flat Age Society are refusing to age the same way their parents did.  They are living, working and staying young longer.  A lot like the millennials.  Choosing to downsize, living in small spaces and are not as afraid as their parents were about what is coming in the next 3-5 years.

What separates millennials from the Flat Age? Flat Age wants luxury and comfort, where as millennials are fine with not worrying about luxury.

 Ikea can provide comfort and luxury with their products for the Baby Boomers/Flat Age Society as well.

Baby Boomers/Flat Age Society is motivating Becky, Ikea’s designer .

 What keeps Becky up at night:  

How can Becky convince the Baby Boomers/Flat Age Society what Ikea has to offer will last the Boomers for  10, 15 and 25 years if they want it to.  Also, how can Becky can convince the millennials that Ikea has something that is not just  beige..

Ikea does not have a specific generational segment they cater to.  

Ikea tries to reach all the generations.

The 2015 catalog will be available in 67 printed editions, 32 languages and 46 countries/territories. The IKEA catalog is now the largest print production ever to be printed on 100% FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council) certified paper. The entire IKEA catalog production chain, from forest to printer, is FSC-certified to ensure a more sustainable origin of the wood.

U.S. consumers can access the new catalog in multiple ways:

  •    Printed Version Request a printed copy of the catalog at
  •    Digital Version Visit to view the digital version of the catalog online beginning on July 24. New for this year, user will also be able to save lists of their favorite products from the digital catalog and create shopping lists.

Ikea 2015 Catalog IKEAcatalog  App viewed at Press Event NYC photo Credit Katie Shea Design

Vine Video Ikea Catalog Demo photo credit  Katie Shea Design

Laura demos IKEA App scan and discover feature #IKEAcatalog


  •    Catalog App for smartphones and tablets (iOS and Android) Download from your app store beginning on July 24. The app gives users access to extended catalog content by scanning designated pages of the printed catalog. The extended content includes: an augmented reality Place in Your Room feature which allows users to virtually place and view nearly 300 IKEA products in their own homes; shareable videos featuring quick DIY tips and stories behind IKEA products; 360º views that allow users to look all the way around a whole room; and image galleries. Select content will also be available in the digital catalog.

Fans can connect with IKEA on:

Pinterest (, Twitter (@DesignbyIKEA) and on Facebook ( Join the conversation via the hashtag #IKEACatalog.


 About Interior Designer Rebecca (Becky) LaFranchi:

Her career trajectory: Becky is a self-made interior designer coming from a humble background.  She started as a child, creating room layouts on graph paper and “buying” products from the Sears or Penny’s catalog to place in her imagined rooms. Later in life, while waiting tables, she decided to get a degree in Interior Design.  This eventually brought her to IKEA Seattle where she managed that stores’ team then was recognized for her talent and landed the biggest job of all as responsible for all stores.

* Her role at IKEA: She is responsible for the visual look and feel of all 38 IKEA stores.  She leads a team of over 500 co-workers comprised of Interior Designers, Visual Merchandisers, Graphic Designers and Carpenters. She is passionate about product and interior design at IKEA.

Images shot with a #GALAXYS5 smartphone #VZWBuzz

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