Using Editing Apps With Smartphone Photography


Since becoming a Verizon Wireless Influencer and Brand Ambassador in the #VZWBuzz Lifestyle Program,  I have been afforded many the opportunity to test numerous smartphones.  I am currently testing a Verizon Droid Turbo and also shooting images with an iPhone6 as well this summer.

Today on the #VZWBuzz weekly chat we will be discussing Smartphone Photography.

Smartphone Photography is the best part of testing any of the smartphones that have come my way over the  years.

I am a Content Creator, Social Media Director, Influencer, Brand Strategist and Digital Correspondent and I have a smartphone or two in my hands almost all the time.

My photography creativity has been spawned because of the fantastic apps that are available to edit your images in ways you could never dream of before.

The favorite apps for editing my smartphone photos are Snapseed, Aviary, PS Express, Instagram and Adobe Lightroom. There are times that I will use all of them to edit a particular photo because of the many filters available in each app.

The following are some smartphone images that have been edited by one or more of the editing apps mentioned above.

Luduree Macarons Image shot with iPhone6 by Katie Shea Design VZWBuzz c2015

Image shot with a Verizon iPhone6  Famous Laduree French Macarons 

Park in NJ image shot with iPhone6 by Katie Shea Design VZWBuzz c2015

Image shot with a Verizon iPhone6 at Branch Brook Park, Newark N.J.

NYC in Bloom image shot with iPhone6 by Katie Shea Design VZWBuzz c2015

Image shot with a Verizon iPhone6 New York City First Avenue

San Francisco Bay Bridge Image shot with iPhone6  by Katie Shea Design VZWBuzz C 2015

Image shot with a Verizon iPhone6 at the Golden Gate Bridge San Francisco California

San Francisco Bay Image shot with iPhone6 by Katie Shea Design VZWBuzz c 2015

Image shot with a Verizon iPhone6 San Francisco Bay Harbor

san francisco bay porpoises image shot with iPhone6 by Katie Shea Design c 2015

Image shot with a Verizon iPhone6 San Francisco Bay Harbor Porpoises

Pacific Coast Highway CA Image shot with iPhone6 by Katie Shea Design VZWBuzz c2015Image shot with a Verizon iPhone6 Pacific Coast Highway

castle di amorosa image shot by Katie Shea Design iPhone6 VZWBuzz c2015

Image shot with a Verizon iPhone6 at Castello di Amorosa Napa Valley

castle di amorosa Wine Country CA  image shot by Katie Shea Design iPhone6 VZWBuzz c2015

Image shot with a Verizon iPhone6 at Castello di Amorosa Napa Valley

castle di amorosa souvenirs  image shot by Katie Shea Design iPhone6 VZWBuzz c2015

Image shot with a Verizon iPhone6 at Castello di Amorosa Napa Valley

O'Brien Estate Winery Seduction Image shot w iPhone6 by Katie Shea Design VZWBuzz c2015

Image shot with a Verizon iPhone6 at O’Brien Estate Napa Valley Ca.

Notre Dame Basilica of Montreal image shot with iPhone6 by Katie Shea Design c2015

Image shot with a Verizon iPhone6 at Notre-Dame Basilica of Montreal Canada

Butterfly Exhibit Montreal image shot with iPhone6 by Katie Shea Design VZWBuzz c2015

Image shot with a Verizon iPhone6 at the “Butterflies Go Free” Exhibit Montreal Canada

Stay connected with the latest smartphones

Verizon Edge Program  Katie Shea Design VZWBuzz

I would love to share any smartphone app knowledge with you.  Please feel free to email me at or tweet me @KatieSheaDesign.

Disclosure **I am a member of  #VZWBuzz Lifestyle Blogger Team.  I am supplied with different devices to use and test.  All opinions are my own. **

The View Celebrates Halloween!


**I am a member of both #LifeOnFiOS and #VZWBuzz  Ambassador Teams–  selected teams of influencers for Verizon FiOS and Verizon Wireless who love the FiOS and Wireless service. Compensation was provided and opinions are, as always my own.

Living in the NYC area avails me many great opportunities to use my Samsung Galaxy Camera, my smartphones provided to me by Verizon Wireless and to attend live studio events broadcasted in the NYC metropolitan area.

Taking my best friend Shea to The View was a special treat and I was able to record the show at home with my Verizon FiOS Service to enjoy and save on my DVR .

KatieSheaDesign Halloween at The View NYC shot with iPhone6

 Image shot outside of ABC NYC with a Verizon iPhone6 smartphone

With my FiOS Service I can now Store up to 200 hours of HD content and save full seasons of the series I love.

I can also record up to 12 shows at the same time and forget about waiting for reruns and fighting over the remote. With FiOS Quantum TV, my family will never have to miss the shows we love.

I also learned that when attending a TV show taping; smartphones need to be shut off since they interfere with the show’s wireless equipment.

Point and shoot cameras are allowed in between taping and so how lucky am I that I have a Verizon Samsung Galaxy Camera.

The  Samsung Galaxy Camera combines high performance photography with the Android platform and Verizon 4G mobile internet connectivity. The result is a powerful point and shoot camera with a familiar, intuitive user interface.

I did not have my wireless turned on so my camera operated just as a point and shoot while in the studio.

The Samsung Galaxy Camera is a serious camera designed to capture amazing images in almost any situation. It starts with a quality 23mm wide-angle lens that gives you a 21x optical zoom and optical image stabilization. You can go fully automated, fully manual or select a setting (like aperture or shutter priority) and let the camera figure out the rest. With Samsung S Voice™, you can also tell your camera what to do. It will respond to commands like “smile,” “record video” and “zoom in.

See More Samsung Galaxy Camera Features Here

The following images were shot with my Verizon Samsung Galaxy Camera in between taping of The View’s Halloween 2014 Show: (No Filters and No Edits to any of these images)

1.  A peek at the View's Halloween Set  shot by KatieSheaDesign  VZWBuzz

A peek at The View‘s Halloween Set

1b. Tom Kelly waring up the guests on the View's Halloween Show   shot by KatieSheaDesign

Tom Kelly warming up the guests on The View’s Halloween Show

2. Rosie O'Donnell Engaing with guests  shot by KatieSheaDesign

Rosie O’Donnell  Engaging with guests

3. The View's Halloween Show and Whoopi Goldberg all costumed up  shot by KatieSheaDesign

The View’s Halloween Show and Whoopi Goldberg all costumed up

4. The DIY Segment on the View's Halloween show with Lifestyle Expert Kelley Moore shot by KatieSheaDesign

The DIY Segment on the View’s Halloween show with Lifestyle Expert Kelley Moore

5.  Whoopi Goldberg on the View's Halloween show.  Can you guess her costume shot by KatieSheaDesign

Whoopi Goldberg on the View’s Halloween show. Can you guess her costume?

6. DIY Halloween Costumes found on Pinterest The View's Halloween Show shot by KatieSheaDesign  VZWBuzz

DIY Halloween Costumes found on Pinterest on The View’s Halloween Show

7. The View's studio guests's  Halloween Costume winners  shot by KatieSheaDesign  VZWBuzz

The View’s studio audience’s Halloween Costume WINNERS

I invite you to acquaint yourself a little more with  FiOS Quantum TV:


You can pause, play and rewind live action on any TV in your house with a set-top box.** Not just the ones connected to a DVR. You can even move from one room, grab a snack and pick your show up in another.

The capability to rewind “live action” for me is so helpful especially while watching a cooking show that I might be following along with a recipe.


Use the Verizon FiOS Mobile App† to access live TV and On Demand movies almost anywhere on any compatible device.

We are a family that travels and it is very comforting to retire to our hotel room and know we can still watch our favorite shows from wherever we might be resting our head those nights away from our home.

We upgraded this summer and are getting so much use out of all these features.

What TV shows or special series do you want to record to view/ binge using all the features FiOS Quantum TV has to offer?

I would love to hear what your Favorite TV Series are this fall!

I invite you to share your favorites or leave any FiOS Quantum TV or Verizon Wireless questions in the comments.  

***Images shot with a Samsung Galaxy Camera and a  Verizon iPhone6 smartphone.***

Watch The View’s Halloween Episode

Control your FiOS Quantum TV with your Verizon Wireless smartphone, tablet or your computer using these apps:

Download The Verizon FiOS Mobile App on iTunes

Download The Verizon FiOS Mobile App on Google Play

Smartly Using Your SmartPhone


Give Someone the gift of your ~ FULL ~ attention.

“Leave your guns at the door.” ~  Dr. Travis Bradberry

 Image shot w/ HTC One® (M8) Smartphone

It all started with me getting off the train one stop too early resulting in arriving late for a scheduled appointment.

Yes I was one of those half dazed people hunched over a smartphone typing away listening to the conductor with one ear.

I continued to type as I exited the train finishing my email response.  I started for what I thought was the Hoboken platform and had a rush of remorse wash over me in a cold sweat.

My very punctual eldest son was waiting for me in Hoboken so we could hop on a Path train to the World Trade Center.

NJ Transit Shot with GalaxyS5 by Katie Shea Design

 Image shot w/ GalaxyS5 Smartphone

Every year he and I pay our respects to all that were lost.  This year we had an appointment for 12:00 noon to visit the newly opened 9/11 Memorial Museum.

September 11 Memorial Pools with Anthony DeCosmo shot with GalaxyS5 by Katie Shea Design

 Image shot w/ GalaxyS5 Smartphone

We ended up changing our appointed time and my son expressed his concern for my lack of awareness because of my smartphone usage.

Sept 11 Memorial more reflecions shot with GalaxyS5

 Image shot w/ GalaxyS5 Smartphone

Inside 911 Memorial Museum shot with HTC One M8

 Image shot w/ HTC One® (M8) Smartphone

So fresh in my mind this experience, I had a heightened awareness for the rest of the day of all of my surroundings.

What I noticed was the majority of people I encountered were either bent over on their smartphones, chatting on them or snapping pictures.  There was not much interaction with the people they physically were with.

I continued to observe as we traveled home on the train and grabbed a bite to eat.

The more I concentrated on not using my smartphone and engaging with my sons, the more  I could not help but notice what was not going on around us.

People are living in their individual separate worlds simulating togetherness by physically being present but not actually being present with the people present with them in real life.

I started doing some research on smartphone usage, etiquette, addiction and abuse.

I came across the following post that I feel can be applied to most everyday situations and/or circumstances:

Why Successful People Never Bring Smartphones Into Meetings by Dr. Travis Bradberry

You can fill in the blank with just about any life situation in the following sentence although the author had used “meetings” in his sentence.

“Why do so many people—especially successful people—find smartphone use in _____ to be inappropriate? When you take out your phone it shows a:”

As I ran down the list I realized that I have been lacking in every area cited but not in meetings; even worse my personal life.  I have been allowing my work life to always overlap into my personal life to the point of getting off a train prematurely.

I am a digital correspondent that curates and delivers content for a living.  My cameras and smartphones are always in my hand.  I am a member of the #VZWBuzz influence team as well as the #LifeOnFiOS influencer team.  I evaluate new technology, use it and write about it.  I cannot help always using my smartphone or can I??

I decided to design an infographic sourced from “Why Successful People Never Bring Smartphones Into Meetings”.

This infographic features my smartphone offenses in a way I can communicate to myself and my audience.

These offenses can be applied to most smartphone scenarios that involve real life people vs any technological community.

The only time I will deem it suitable in a meeting to actually have my smartphone out and actively using it will be at my next  #VZWBuzz Team meeting.


Smartphone usage Ingographic designed by Katie Shea Design

Image designed with Canva

Infographic Sourced from:

Why Successful People Never Bring Smartphones Into Meetings

by Dr. Travis Bradberry

There is a time, place and proper usage for smartphones.  REAL live people should never be trumped by smartphones unless of course it is an emergency.

Smartphone Etiquette Links:

Improve Your Public Cell Phone Courtesy

Practicing Smartphone Etiquette

Images were shot with a HTC One® (M8) and a GalaxyS5 Smartphone

I am a member of the Verizon Wireless Lifestyle Blogger Program #VZWBuzz which gives me free access to mobile technology and other benefits.  There is no additional compensation and no promise of a positive review.  The opinions are my own.

Carmine’s: Talking 42 Ounce Porterhouse Steak, Ragu, Wings, NYC, Vegas with Executive Chef Glenn Rolnick

Carmine’s is a family style restaurant offering exceptional value to its guests through the many dishes of Southern Italian cuisine. Restaurateur Artie Cutler crafted the Carmine’s concept with a singular vision; bringing his guests “wow-factor” sized portions and making any meal feel like an Italian American wedding feast. Platters of homestyle antipasto, pasta, decadent seafood or meat entrees, and of course homemade desserts are all staples at Carmine’s, meant for sharing amongst friends and family. When great food and wine are supported by friendly and knowledgeable service, the results are magic – “we want every day to feel like a Sunday afternoon at Grandma’s!”

A Special Edition of The Food & Booze Show was broadcast live from Carmine’s NYC with special on site guests Kathleen DeCosmo and Susan Serra on the ground chatting with Executive Chef Glenn Rolnick.

Carmines Times Square NYC -Susan Serra Katheen DeCosmo Glenn Rolnick    Special Edition Food & Booze Show Hosts  Mia Voss and Chef Dennis Littley  Photo Credit Anthony DeCosmo @adecosmo2 #52from52

GLENN ROLNICK is the Director of Culinary Operations of Alicart Restaurant Group, a position he’s held for ten years. He has appeared on Good Morning America and QVC and has written for Time, New York Times, Gourmet, The New Yorker and Food Arts.

While we were preparing our tastebuds for the onslaught of Carmine’s heaven, we were schooled in Carmine’s history by Executive Chef and Author Glenn Rolnick.

25 years open soon for NYC’s 91st location!
20 years at Carmine’s Times Square (1.24 million customers yearly).

Carmine’s locations are Tropicana Hotel and Casino, Atlantic City, NJ, Times Square NYC, Upper West Side 91st NYC, Atlantis Resort, Bahamas, Washington DC and The Forum Shops at Caesars Las Vegas.

The Washington DC location has 25,000 sq feet, 9 private dining rooms, 700 seats, and a secret service entrance.

Las Vegas location has 28000 sq feet 750 seats, 6 private dining space including a private balcony over looking the strip.

1 year for Las Vegas and listed in Top Ten Restaurant Vegas- USA Today : 10 BEST HOMESTYLE IN LAS VEGAS, NV.

The 28,000-square-foot restaurant, designed by Bill Johnson of Johnson Studios, features the trademark touches that grace all Carmine’s locations – high ceilings, antique chandeliers and warm, homey colors. Walls are lined with black and white photographs depicting the Southern Italian families whose culinary traditions inspired the restaurant’s timeless menu. There are 75 Chandeliers, 6 portraits and 7500 pictures in Carmine’s Las Vegas.

Trivia for Carmine’s Las Vegas First Year:

2400 people ate gluten free pasta
69,994 actual meatballs 125,000 meats
1,200 titanics or 12,000 softball scoops ice cream
14,869 lbs garlic
9,915 chicken parm
121,099 little neck clams
22,654 lbs. romano cheese
25,362 gal of marinara sauce
80,000 whole lemons
28,000 chicken breast
4,200 fresh basil
7,400 fried calamari or 15,000 pounds

We were treated to several dishes on the menu that were familiar to me as a regular guest and a few that I have never tasted before.

Did you know these dishes are menu choices at Carmine’s?

Carmines Times Square NYC-Susan Serra Katheen DeCosmo Glenn Rolnick    Special Edition Food & Booze Show Hosts  Mia Voss and Chef Dennis Littley   Photo Credit Anthony DeCosmo @adecosmo2 #52from52

Caesar Salad

Romaine lettuce tossed with garlic and anchovy caesar dressing and toasted croutons. (gluten-free available.)

Chicken Scarpariello (Wings)

Cut chicken on the bone pan fried and tossed in buttery lemon rosemary sauce. (Gluten-free.)

Porterhouse Steak

Porterhouse Contadina A 42-ounce steak beautifully sliced off the bone, a pound of Italian sweet sausage and huge piles of roasted potatoes and sautéed red and green peppers.

Porterhouse Steak  Carmines Times Square NYC-Susan Serra  Katheen DeCosmo Glenn Rolnick Special Edition Food & Booze Show Hosts Mia Voss Chef Dennis Littley  Photo Credit @adecosmo #52from52

Ragu (Assorted Meats)

A mixture of shredded beef, meatballs, pork braciole, and Italian sausage slow-cooked in a rich tomato sauce.

Ragu  Carmines Times Square NYC-Susan Serra Katheen DeCosmo Glenn Rolnick Special Edition Food & Booze Show Hosts Mia Voss  Chef Dennis Littley Photo Credit Anthony DeCosmo @adecosmo2 #52from52

The Titanic 

●Flourless Chocolate Torte
●3 scoops of Vanilla Ice Cream
●2 Scoops of Chocolate Ice Cream
●Fresh Whipped Cream
●Sliced Strawberries and Bananas
●Pineapple Roasted with Cinnamon
●Chocolate Syrup
●Chopped Hazelnuts
●4 Ferraro Hazelnut Chocolate Swirls for the Smoke Stacks

We also learned from Glenn Rolnick that he has a cookbook being released this year:

Publication date: November 4, 2014
$29.99, hardcover
Carmine’s Celebrates
Classic Italian Recipes for Everyday Feasts

Following their successful Carmine’s Family-Style Cookbook, Carmine’s Celebrates is perfect for big, abundant family-and-friend gatherings: weekly feasts, Sunday dinners, and holiday celebrations

Carmine’s is founded on the twin concepts of deliciousness and abbondanza. In their wildly popular Times Square flagship location and their other restaurants in New York City, Atlantic City, Las Vegas, Washington, DC, and Paradise Island, Bahamas, the tables are filled with giant platters of pasta, steaks, chicken, vegetables and more. And every single diner has a smile on his face. Now that concept comes home from the masters. Italian food is the nation’s most popular food both in restaurants and in home kitchens. In Carmine’s Celebrates, home cooks will learn how to make more than one hundred dishes in happy-making quantities. Nothing is difficult to make, serve or store. Each dish uses grocery store ingredients and extracts the best flavor from them so anyone can be an amazing cook. There is a special emphasis on “everyday” holidays, such as weekend family dinners, and also on traditional holiday food for Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Dishes include:
—Crostini with Cannellini Bean Dip
—Sea Scallops Wrapped in Pancetta
—Mussels Fra Diavolo
—Spaghetti Carbonara
—Beefsteak Fiorentina
—Chicken Cacciatore

Carmine’s Celebrates: Classic Italian Recipes for Everyday Feasts can be found here for pre-order.

You are Invited to view the Special Edition of The Food & Booze Show Here

Food and Booze Show Link for CarminesNYC
Mia Voss & Chef Dennis Littley introduce you to restaurants, bon mots and drinkies from around the globe! Join them!

#BatCrapCrazy #GetYourLearnOn #AskChefDennis

#CarminesNYC  #SMDay  #SmDayHOA

Photo Credit: Anthony DeCosmo #52from52 @adecosmo2

10 Insightful BuzzFeed Content Spreading Tips





The VZWBuzz Northeast team visited Buzzfeed’s NYC offices and was treated to a visit with Keith Hernandez, Executive Director of International Sales At Buzzfeed.

VZWBuzz NorthEast Team at Buzzfeed image by Monica Villa TheOnlineMom.jpg

We learned about: The Art Behind BuzzFeed


BuzzFeed is the leading media company for the social age, intensely focused on delivering high-quality original reporting, insight, and viral content across a rapidly expanding array of subject areas. Buzzfeed’s  technology powers the social distribution of content, detects what is trending on the web, and connects people in realtime with the hottest content of the moment. BuzzFeed  is rapidly growing and reaches more than 100 million monthly unique visitors.

Founded in 2006 in New York City as a viral lab by Jonah Peretti, the company has grown into a global media and technology company covering topics like Politics, DIY, Animals, Longform and Business. In 2012, Ben Smith of Politico was hired as Editor-in-Chief, and is responsible for expanding the site into serious journalism, long-form and reportage while maintaining its popular fun and entertainment-oriented content.

BuzzFeed receives an average of 100 Million Unique monthly visitors. The site features the work of staff reporters, contributors, syndicated cartoon artists, and Community. Popular formats on site include lists and quizzes.


Content driven “We think about how content spreads” Keith Hernandez, explained during his presentation to the VZWBuzz Northeast Team.


Great social content for BuzzFeed starts with emotion.


Buzzfeed’s headlines are chosen based on research and experience.


BuzzFeed uses their unique voice in everything they do.








“BuzzFeed” has the hottest, most social content on the web. We feature breaking buzz and the kinds of things you’d want to pass along to your friends.”

BuzzFeed is the social news and entertainment company. BuzzFeed is redefining online advertising with its social, content-driven publishing technology. BuzzFeed provides the most shareable breaking news, original reporting, entertainment and video across the social web to its global audience of 100M.

More About Buzzfeed

Images shot with a Droid Ultra and Nokia Lumia Icon smartphones #VZWBuzz

Great Social Content for Buzzfeed Starts with EMOTION

Verizon Wireless Lifestyle Blogger Program

Social Media Week 2014 NYC

Social Media Week 2014 NYC “Since its inception in 2008, Social Media Week has grown from nine to 26 cities, and global expansion continues to increase. Eight cities around the world will be hosting Social Media Week events this month – everywhere from Bangalore to Lagos to Milan to Tokyo. We spoke to CEO and co-founder Toby Daniels about what’s new this year, and where the event is heading. The theme of this year’s festivities is “the future of now,” a reflection of our always-connected lifestyle. The content and programming of this year’s event will focus on the emerging trends: wearable tech and the quantified life, crowd-funding – especially with regard to architectural design and real estate, and content marketing. “Brands are recognizing that not only do they need to understand how to create and curate content, they also need to know how to do that at scale,” said Daniels. Major brands will be in attendance to showcase their own work, and the organizers are also launching the ‘Now Studio,’ which will showcase the most viral content. “It’s an opportunity for attendees to learn how to become better content creators,” he said.”  Read More..

Social Media Week New York is co-produced by Crowdcentric and MKG.

There is still time to get in on the action at #SMWNYC #SMW14 . 

Check out the invite

“We’re bringing a new vision; a new location and a new theme. And we’re so excited to share all of this with you. The Official Campus hosted at Highline Stages provides more opportunities than ever before to explore and examine what our 2014 theme The Future of Now: Always On, Always Connected means for you, your work and your personal life.

Because we love connecting all of our favorite people we’d like to offer you a special discount Click here to grab your pass 🙂

Meet the team at Crowdcentric!

Meet the team at MKG!

Meet the Speakers at Social Media week 2014:

Follow the #SMWNYC #SMW14 Speakers  on Twitter:  SMW14 NYC Speakers

The Official Guide to Social Media Week New York 2014

Founder of Social Media Week, Toby Daniels Shares his Highlights for #SMWNYC » New York

How Will You Celebrate Super Bowl XLVIII

What do you get when you combine a New York state of mind with a dose of Jersey? Nothing other than Super Bowl XLVIII featuring the AFC champion Broncos and the NFC champion Seahawks on February 2 at MetLife Stadium. This will be Denver’s seventh Super Bowl appearance (2-4) while Seattle is in its second title game (0-1). Read more..

The Super Bowl is celebrated all across the country in various ways.

What is your favorite part of the Super Bowl?

A. Watching the BIG GAME?  Where To Watch The Super Bowl In New York City 

B. Food & Drink?   Super Bowl XLVIII Pinterest #Food Board 

C. The @SuperBowl Commercials?  Super Bowl commercials 2014: Watch, and vote in  CBS News  poll! –

Feel free to leave a comment and join the Super Bowl Conversation.

A few of Katie Shea Design’s Favorite Recipes for a Super Bowl Party:

#KatieSheaDesign ♡❤ ❥▶ #SuperBowl Desserts

#KatieSheaDesign  's ♡❤ ❥▶ #SuperBowl Dip Picks

Place Pins by Pinterest: Top 25 New York Shopping Destinations

Pinterest, the online pinboard for sharing everything from wedding china ideas to travel inspiration, is now letting users add location to their pins reported by ABC today.

San Francisco-based Pinterest says that its “Place Pins” were designed to “combine all the beautiful imagery of a travel magazine with the utility of a map and put it all online so you can share it with friends.” The new feature is available on Pinterest’s website and on the latest version of its mobile apps.

Pinterest says there are more than 750 million travel-related pins on the site already. With the new location-based pins, users will be able to create maps for friends visiting from out of town, or vacation spots they want to see. Pinterest launched the location tool with a slew of boards from travel sites, magazines and companies to serve as examples on how they could be used. more…

Katie Shea Design Has created a NYC Shopping Destination “Place Pins” Pinboard to help facilitate the smooth management of time while planning out a holiday shopping excursion in NYC.

The shopping destinations and descriptions were sourced from New York Magazine’s post on the Top 25 New York Shopping Destinations.

Top 25 NYC Shopping Destinations Place Pin Pinterest Map 2013

Top 25 New York Shopping Destinations Mapped Here on Pinterest.  source:

This  “Place Pins” Board gives the shopper an overview of the possibilities available while also becoming aware immediately of the amount of time a particular area of the city can take to be shopped. The Pinboard’s overview feature also helps tremendously planning your means of transportation whether utilizing subway, bus , cab or by foot.

I am excited about all the time saving possibilities this feature has to offer me and my lifestyle!