Cooking and Katting with Chef Franco Lania


Chef Franco Lania Cooking and Katting #meerkat Since live streaming Apps Meerkat and Periscope (owned by Twitter) were launched last month they have been highly publicized in the news and online.  Both apps, currently available only on iOS, let you broadcast live video from your smartphone to the app’s other users or to a private group of friends and followers.

***Update** Meerkat App now Available also for Android Smartphone Users!! Meerkat On Android for Everyone May 1st 2015 We introduced Chef Franco Lania to the Meerkat App as the perfect venue for his brand and personality.

“Ever since Meerkat captured the imagination of this year’s SXSW audience, it has become one of the most hotly-discussed new platforms in recent years among marketing industry experts.” “It’s been claimed by many that Meerkat is the biggest SXSW breakout product since Twitter in 2007” read more here

Chef Franco’s enthusiasm and passion for cooking is contagious and can be caught by watching him cook and engage with people. We chose to showcase Chef Franco’s magnanimous personality using the Meerkat App during a cooking session.

Most Meerkat users are aware that the app offers an option to save their video streams on their mobile devices but does not save to YouTube for you. We decided to use the Katch App.

Katch allows you to simplify the process of preserving your memories while passing off the storage and distribution concerns to YouTube’s servers. By adding “#Katch” to your Meerkat video stream description, you’ll immediately alert Katch, which will then save your video, upload it to YouTube and then send you the link via your Meerkat comments.  read more here We added  #Katch to our Meerkat Video Title to capture our video for posterity.

When we reviewed the “Katch Video” we discovered that the last 10 minutes of our saved video was out of sync.  We had lost video view for a few minutes during our meerkat broadcast and that must have disrupted the recording. Chef Franco was able to have the video put back into sync then placed up on YouTube. Chef Franco Lanio Meerkat Cooking YouTube Chef Franco’s Mission is to inspire people that have hit hardships and adversity in their lives using the invigorating energy of cooking. Meet Chef Franco Lania His passion for the kitchen and its potential to heal the soul have made him a grassroots sensation, inspiring culinary professionals and novice foodies alike. The Master Chef has appeared on HTTV and The Food Network, where he served up delicious recipes garnished with his famous joie de vivre.  Now Chef Franco shares his joy of cooking, his recipes, and the story of how he found happiness in the kitchen with people around the world….and how you can do the same.

The following is a three-minute clip from Katie Shea Design’s Meerkat Video summing up Chef Franco Lania’s Cooking Mission: Short clip from Katie Shea Design's Meerkat Video of Chef Franco Lania

Some Cooking Tips from Chef Franco Lania: 

Tip 1: Boil the pasta nice and easy to keep the integrity of the shapes.

Tip 2: Large sweet onions do not make you cry as much.

Tip 3: Remove the onion root before cutting to enable the onion to easily fall apart into half moon shapes. 

Tip 4:  Undercook your pasta by about 3 minutes.This allows the pasta to cook the rest of the way with the other hot ingredients.

You can find the Spring Pea and Pancetta Pasta Mista Here

Pasta Mista Image shot with an iPhone6 VZWBuzz by Katie Shea Design April 2015

While using the Meerkat App to video this cooking session; we used a Verizon WiFi Hotspot since “Live Streaming” devours Wireless Data.

What is a WiFi hotspot?

“Imagine a gadget that’s smaller than a deck of cards, as easy to use as a light switch and powerful enough to provide a super-fast Internet connection to numerous devices. That’s a mobile hotspot, which lets you take Wi-Fi with you. Wi-Fi hotspots—or Verizon Jetpack mobile hotspots—keep multiple Wi-Fi-enabled devices connected to the Verizon 4G LTE network. Unlike a USB modem or wireless modem, which can be used only with your laptop, a mobile hotspot can easily connect your laptop and other Wi-Fi-enabled devices simultaneously.” We keep a sharp eye on  Data usage since the business smartphone has a 2GB plan. By using the Verizon Hotspot we did not consume a chunk of the Data plan for one “Live Streaming” session.

The following image illustrates an example of a possible Verizon Wireless Customer’s Monthly Data Usage:

Katie Shea Design's Possible Data Usage

Please Click on the following image to calculate your Monthly Data Usage:

Verizon Data Usage Calculator

After calculating your estimated Monthly Data Usage stop by Verizon Wireless and check out all the latest Wireless Plans available for your wireless devices.

The scale is tipping in our personal and business lives to a more “Video Usage” world.  Ensuring we have a “Data Plan” that can accommodate our lifestyles and budgets is essential.

A Verizon iPhone6 128GB was used to shoot Katie Shea Design’s images and Meerkat Video in this post.

Disclosure **I am a member of  #VZWBuzz Lifestyle Blogger Team.  I am supplied with different devices to use and test.  All opinions are my own. **

Meerkat Update Resets Score to Zero

Meerkat Kathleen DeCosmo At KatieSheaDesign VZWBuzz

I am really enjoying meerkat.  It has opened up so many new worlds to me.

I have learned so much, am seeing so many parts of the world I would not otherwise have been able to see and have met the nicest, most interesting people.

What are my favorite features of Meerkat?

The comments and the interaction among the broadcast host and the commenters.

The fact that the broadcast announcement is tweeted and the comments are tweeted on your twitter account as well.

  • This gives all that participate in a broadcast the ability to go back after the broadcast and answer more questions as broadcasters
  • As a broadcaster the ability to go back after the broadcast and answer more questions as broadcasters
  • As a participant or viewer go back onto twitter to read the comments that you might have otherwise missed
  • Follow some of the meerkatters that were in the broadcast

So today when I woke up this morning, jumped on Meerkat while sipping my tea and found out that my measly little score had just been reduced to zero…

Meerkat  KathleenDeCosmo Katie Shea Design Meerkat Scorre reset after update

I asked myself… Hmm Was I in the penalty box for a meerkat offense I am not aware of??

After doing a google search I found that a fellow meerkatter Matt Navarra also updated his meerkat app only to be reset to zero as well.

For my viewers who are not familiar with Meerkat:

What is Meerkat??

Meerkat is a new startup that has found a simple and captivating way to capitalize on our societies obsession with Live-Blogs, tweets and Instagramming of every major event. Meerkat, a desktop and (iOS app only right now) rose to popularity these last few weeks especially during the #SXSW15 event is Austin Texas. This new app allows you to easily live-stream video from your phone to Twitter, so your followers can watch and comment in real time..  read more here

I have only hosted two meerkat broadcasts so I really did not have a large score by any means (118) but it still is time invested in the app.

Meerkat Stream of The VZWBuzz weekly Recap from the VErizon Boston Destination Store by Katie Shea Design

Okay so I did not feel alone and possibly in Meerkat jail for a possible offense like on Twitter when you exceed your tweet limit.

So then I began to think WOW The Meerkat Leaderboard must have tanked and all those people that have worked so hard on Meerkat and have become Meerkat “mavens” must be upset this morning!

Meerkat Leaderboard scores

No, come to find out the “leaderboard” was still intact.

We found out  that ” it’s a bug”!!!!

It's a bug

Now my score is published at 118.  I thought it was previously 126 ..) but hey I earned it and am back on the scoreboard!!

Score Reset for Kathleen Decosmo of KatieSheaDesign

 So Let’s see WHAT that this new Meerkat App Update brings to the table.

What’s New in Version 1.1

“Version 1.1 is the first version to be released since we committed our whole team to the project. It is much more stable, and user friendly. We fixed tons of bugs, related to audio video sync, rotation issues, and fixed many crashes. We have also added some features you’ve been asking for:

– Recommended people to follow [In Search]
– Opt out of comments posting to Twitter as @replies
– Follow new users from inside the stream.
– In app notifications when multiple people you follow begin streaming.
– Ability retweet scheduled streams from the app.
– Now you can discover new streams based on what your friends like, retweet and subscribe to.
– Share your profile to Twitter from the feed. Let others easily follow you.
– Improved Search”

Meerkat 1.1 update features

What do you like about the Meerkat App and how are you using it for your business??

Disclosure **I am a member of  #VZWBuzz Lifestyle Blogger Team.  I am supplied with different devices to use and test..  All opinions are my own. **