Who are you on Twitter? You Are What You Tweet!


Visually Katie Shea Design

 This infographic was no surprise to Katie Shea Design.

YOU are what you Tweet, Facebook, Pin on Pinterest, Instagram, Meerkat and Periscope.

Visual.ly has a free tool on their website that takes your twitter profile and turns it into an infographic in 30 seconds.

Infographics and pictures are a great way to get your point across since images can speak louder than words on Twitter and across different social media platforms.

It is no secret that we smile a lot, love to eat, share food recipes on Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook. Most of all love talking and drinking wine!

Katie Shea Design Pinterest


Instagram Katie Shea Design

Visual Content DRIVES Engagement! 

Visual Content Drives Engagement Montreal Notre Dame by KatieSheaDesign


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Image by Katie Shea Design shot with a Verizon iPhone6  #VZWBuzz

Welcoming and Influencing Your Community


Welcome to My Community by Katie Shea Design

Long ago were the memories of the wafting aroma of freshly baked cake, bread or the sweet fragrances of fresh-cut flowers being ready for the welcoming of a new family into the neighborhood community.

Growing up in my “Baby Boomer Generation” there was a welcoming protocol to most neighborhoods.

Whenever we would see a moving truck pull into the neighborhood the children would get excited and wonder if the new family would have kids that could be possible new playmates.

The “grownups” as we called them would get busy putting together cakes, cupcakes, meals or a bunch of handpicked flowers to call on the new neighbors welcoming them to the neighborhood.

The families would take turns greeting the new neighbors by knocking on the front door or ringing their doorbell and introducing themselves carrying homemade, welcoming gifts.

There was also something called “The Welcome Wagon”  that some neighborhoods also used in addition to personal welcomes as described.

Recently while participating in a Twitter Chat by chance the very drastic shift in our daily lives jumped out to me.

There is hardly any children playing outside, neighbors sitting on their porches or neighbors ringing doorbell delivering welcome gifts.

Plentiful is the “Virtual Communities” that have no doors with knockers or doorbells, just keyboards that with one keystroke can “Like” or “Obliterate” the lives of anyone or everyone in a particular virtual community.

We now have Emojis to express our feelings including, cakes, hearts, and flowers!

The problem with emoji is that you cannot smell, taste or feel them and share those sensory experiences with another living being.

Virtual communities are growing in leaps and bounds, but people are feeling lonelier than ever.

Depression is at an all time high and selfies abound!  What is this compulsion to photograph one’s self every breathing moment implying that life is one big party??

All the non-stop social sharing masquerades as communication. It is not social sharing if there is not any exchange or reciprocation.

After I participated in a random twitter chat it was pointed out to me that so many feel left out, not heard and not even greeted with a proper hello.  The gratitude for taking the time to take part in a chat or give to the community by attending is scarce and more times than not, reserved for the social stars that bring numbers to the game.

This ignited my thoughts about how many people have taken their time deciding to become part of “My Virtual Community.”  Have I greeted all with a “Hello” and “Thanked” them for hitting that Follow button or “Liking” my Tweets, FB Posts, Pinterest Pins or Instagram Images?

This Post is for all those I have missed out on saying a proper “Hello” greeting and “Thanking” you for deciding to become a member of my community!!

I would love to be able to stop by for a cup of tea or if it is five o’clock somewhere a glass of wine!

I would like to bring over a cake, freshly baked bread or a bunch flowers and tell you that you matter and you are not just a number acquired for social media statistics.

Call to Action for My Community:

I would like to influence my community to participate on social media by sharing, exchanging and reciprocating with me and their own micro-communities.

I invite you to drop me an email:  ksdpinterest@gmail.com  Say Hello, a few words to connect or hit me with a tweet @KatieSheaDesign,  Friend Request me on FaceBook, Leave me a comment on Instagram , Say Hi on Pinterest or leave me a comment below!

I will respond as soon as I can.

Virtual Communities can launch off-line communities where people’s presence and participation make a difference.

Social Media is just the cocktail party leading to the main event! ~ KSD



Image shot with a Verizon iPhone6 smartphone, edited with the snapseed app and designed with the picmonkey app.

Disclosure **I am a member of  #VZWBuzz Lifestyle Blogger Team.  I am supplied with different devices to use and test..  All opinions are my own. **

Watching First #MCEOtalk Using My FiOS Quantum Gateway Router


Last night was the first ever #MCEOTalk hosted by Vincenzo Landino, social media strategist and a community ambassador to name a few.

Vincent Landino on MCEOTalk

The first topic for discussion was “What it takes to be a Millennial Leader.”

#MCEOtalk is a live omnichannel panel discussion held weekly on Wednesday’s at 9pm ET. Hosted by Vincenzo Landino and the Millennial CEO team.

MCEOtalk Ep. 1 40115 at 9pm ET discussing What It Takes To Be A Millennial Leader via MillennialCEO

Topics are centered around solving business problems with a millennial mindset.

The format includes a Twitter chat, Google Hangout, podcast, blog posts, and live streaming video from hosts and guests on Periscope and Meerkat.

#MCEOtalk encourages ongoing dialogue throughout the week via the hashtag and community members are encouraged to communicate directly with hosts and guests on the channel of their preference. The learning never stops!

What impressed me the most about was the integration of all the multiple platforms used by the #MCEOtalk hosts as well as the smooth collaboration of topics during the conversation.

Some of my Favorite Talking points:

Millennial leaders must earn respect and practice bottom up management. Collaboration is key!  Image by KatieSheaDesign


Different Things Motivate Different people Image designed by Katie Shea Design

Labels can make you a manager but not a leader Image by katieSheaDesign

I am able to upload and stream on multiple Social Media Platforms (Meerkat, Periscope, google+ and twitter) like last night’s #MCEOtalk at breakneck speeds because of my Verizon FiOS Quantum Gateway router.

VZ gateways 400 x 300

Boost your bandwidth.

The FiOS Quantum Gateway uses dual-band technology for faster sharing and the best connection to the FiOS® network.  Dual-band technology gives you two separate frequencies, allowing your family to perform both high and low bandwidth activities such as checking email and streaming movies simultaneously.  More bandwidth means less congestion making for a more seamless Internet experience even when using multiple devices.

Fios Quatum Delivers

I look forward to next weeks #MCEOtalk!!

Disclosure: **I am a member of the #LifeOnFiOS Ambassador Team – A  select team of influencers for Verizon FiOS who love the FiOS service. Compensation was provided and opinions are, as always my own.


The Evolution/Revolution of Social Media

Where are you in the “Evolution of the Social Media Revolution“?

Which Social Media Platform did you begin your digital life on?

This infographic provided by the UK based company ProhibitionPR which outlines the evolution of Social Media Platforms.
The Evolution of Social Media

Social Media Revolution Youtube Video

Putting Up the Pinky for #DoTheDownton @WorldMarket

Do The Downton by WorldMarket

A Social Media Party Across All Platforms!

It’s more than a ‘Virtual Tea Party’ it’s a Social Media Movement! And the best part? There are TONS of ways to play!

 RSVP: Ascending Butterfly.com:  for the #DotheDownton @worldmarket Virtual #Tea Party 12/8/13 11 am PST/2 pm EST! (oh & a trip to #London too!) 

Claude Bouchard Author of “Asylum” Author of Distinction

Dr. Matthew Russell is married to Cassidy, father of Jennifer and Stuart, also the Managing Director of the Montreal Hospital for the Criminally Insane.

The story opens introducing Dr. Russell, an extremely overworked man who seems to be losing it in both his work life and his family life.  A story played out so many times in so many homes.

Dr. Russell’s wife Cassidy becomes distant and distrusting of the promises Matthew makes to become a better “Family Man” and Russell partly blames Cassidy for him becoming unglued at work.  He feels he is only doing his best by working hard and providing for his wife and family. Matthew promises to work harder on his family life and decides to take a long, overdue vacation in hopes of rebuilding what he has lost with Cassidy and the Children.

The author succeeds in making me fall in love with the Russell Family and the Vacation Dr. Russell takes them on.  I became absorbed and envious of the fairytale vacation that is so vividly portrayed by the detailed descriptions of the sights, sounds, tastes and jubilant emotions the family begins to feel for each other.  Needless to say The “Vacation” is colorful, adventurous and filled with intrigue.

Each page rendered me hostage to the drama that was subtly unfolding and also making me beg to know the conclusion.

This Novel is sheer genius!  I would love to see this acted out on screen to only heighten the drama of the emotions of each character.

I was introduced to the author’s writing a few years back when I read his first novel “Vigilante” http://amzn.to/BouchardClaude     I had downloaded it one night and ended up staying up all night to complete it.  My advice for Claude Bouchard Novel readers, get comfy and enjoy the ride it is worth it!

Please Visit  Author Claude Bouchard’s  Website   http://www.claudebouchardbooks.com/

You may also stop By Author  Claude  Bouchard on Twitter  http://twitter.com/#!/ceebee308  and join  his  192,000 Plus   followers who find him interesting, engaging and entertaining.

Comedian of Distinction Tammy Pescatelli

Tammy Pescatelli Comedian of Distinction

I had the pleasure of attending  “Comix at Foxwoods Casino in Connecticut presents Tammy Pescatelli, Joe Fernandes and Mike Gaffney”.

Joe Fernandes and Mike Gaffney had the whole audience roaring especially the guys.  My husband and his friend were laughing so hard they were crying and as I scanned the room I viewed a lot of grown men wiping their eyes and coughing from hysterical laughter.

Ahh then TammyPescatelli took the stage.  Her saying is “Find the Funny” and that she did!  Her humor addresses realistic, everyday life.   I had watched all of  Tammy’s  “A Stand Up Mother”  episodes  the  past year and cannot fathom Why “A Stand Up Mother”  is Not still airing  on @WEtv

Tammy Pescatelli brought down the house!   After the show Tammy, Joe and Mike greeted all their guests and were very personable.  What a great group of talent!  I highly recommend to check out these comedians  and where they will be performing.   ” BTW LOL LROF  Joe  Fernandes with an S” 

 Feb 9th -11th Comedian @TammyPescatell i   @ComixAtFoxwoods http://www.comixatfoxwoods.com/  @FoxwoodsCT 

What do you know about……

The Comedian Tammy Pescatelli?

Tammy Pescatelli is a comedian originally from Cleveland, Ohio. She is a regular “friend of the show” of the Bob & Tom Show. Pescatelli on the second and third seasons of Last Comic Standing, performed on the “Tonight Show with Jay Leno” several times,”Carson Daily”,”The Dennis Miller Show”,”Comics Unleashed”,”Balderdash”,GSN’s”PokerStars”,TBS’s”Live from the Laugh Factory”,”Comedy Central Presents: Tammy Pescatelli-half hour special” and has lent commentary to many other television; CMT,E!,VH1,MTV A&E and she made her debut on the Opie and Anthony Show on March 19, 2010. She has had roles in the films “Made in Brooklyn” “Single: A documentary” and “Everbody Wants to be Italian”.

In 2010, she was the winner of Comedy Central’s Standup Showdown.
Tammy was the 4th most searched topic on USA Trends on January 21, 2009,(http://jalsa-movie.blogspot.com/2009/01/top-usa-trends-on-2112009.html) and in the same month finished in fifth place in Comedy Central’s Standup Showdown as the Top Female Comedian
(www.comedycentral.com).  Continued…    http://bit.ly/askville 

Tammy Pescatelli can be viewed as a dinner guest  on:

Rocco’s Dinner Party on Bravo 

Episode:  Mangia! Mangia

Three cooks square off by creating a traditional Italian meal. Rocco’s dinner guests include Caroline Manzo  (“The Real Housewives of New Jersey”), TV host Sara Gore,  Joey Fatone  Tammy Pescatelli  Silvano Marchetto

full episode description   –>   http://www.tvguide.com/tvshows/roccos-dinner-party/325169

Tammy Pescatelli’s   ‘A Stand Up Mother’

  Premiered   01/25/11


 What fans said about   

‘A Stand Up Mother’ :


Re: The Meadville Connection – WE tv

My whole family loves this show! We couldn’nt stop laughing, probably because we could relate to alot of what was going on. Tammy’s mother in law really reminded us of our Mom. Please bring back the show!!!!


Dr Lauren Mozdy

We want Tammy and A Stand Up Mother Back ASAP! No other show like it on TV


Deena O’Brien

You finally got it right. With all these stupid ridiculous realty shows you bring us Tammy and her family and then take it away?!!!! What the heck. She is amazing and her family is so funny. It’s a wholesome great show. Please please bring it back. You had so many viewers.

WEtv’s  facebook page   http://www.facebook.com/WeTV?sk=wall   said Tammy Pescatelli’s  ‘A Stand Up Mother’  is on hiatus but will be back later this year. They urge fans to go to http://www.wetv.com/  for exclusive clips and extras until then.   Contd…   http://bit.ly/goerie110219984

Pescatelli  has asked that fans show support for her and  “A Stand Up Mother”  by commenting on   WEtv’s Facebook page   –>    http://www.facebook.com/WeTV?sk=wall  Contd…   http://bit.ly/goerie110209979

As of  June 28th 2011  A Petition  has been started  By  Claude Bouchard  http://twitter.com/#!/ceebee308  asking  http://www.wetv.com/   to have  “A Stand Up Mother” on  TV Schedule this Fall:

We formally request that you get “A Stand Up Mother” with Tammy Pescatelli into the Fall 2011 schedule.   to support  “A Stand Up Mother”  Please click on this link–> http://act.ly/3uy
Tammy Pescatelli Fans

Links for Tammy Pescatelli:





Tammy Pescatelli  –>  It Is What It Is  Available—>  http://www.pescatelli.com/store/

Tammy Pescatelli  on  TheTalk  CBS  http://www.cbs.com/daytime/the_talk/


More Links:

Tammy’s Schedule:   http://www.pescatelli.com/schedule/

Joe Fernandes: https://twitter.com/#!/joefernandes75  and http://joefernandes.net/

Mike Gaffney: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Mike-Gaffney/236427623062953 and https://twitter.com/#!/MikeGaffneyNOW