Travel Made Easy With My Smartphone


How many people would love to explore a new city but feel directionally challenged like me?

I found this wonderful smartphone app CityMaps2Go that can be a constant companion for directions, dining, shopping, transportation and sightseeing! There is a free version available and paid versions as well.

CityMaps2Go screenshot KatieSheaDesign

You can confidently plan your travel by downloading maps for cities or countries prior to your trip.  You can use the maps even when you do not have wifi.  I love that this app tracks my position on the map so I know exactly where I am.  Make sure you download the maps while you have a WiFi connection.

Having a reliable wireless connection is a priority for me especially while traveling.  I am a Verizon Wireless User and take full advantage of their International Trip Planner Tool.  This Planner Tool helps me find the best compatible International Plan and also helps me know which networks I can access on my trip: 4G LTE, 3G, and 2G data.

You can view some Verizon Wireless International Travel FAQs HERE

If you are not already a Verizon Wireless User and want more information about their plans or how to switch over to Verizon Wireless, please visit this link.

Having a currency converter on your smartphone when traveling to multiple countries makes travel much easier.  I find the Currency App to be the most up to the minute for currency conversions.  Before you start out from your hotel with wifi availability calculate your currency so you can make the conversion without using data.

Currency app screenshot Katie Shea Design

I like having things in one place so I do not waste precious time searching all over the internet.  I love using the Trivago App that gives me all my hotel options with the lowest available prices.

Trivago app screenshot katie shea design

While I am traveling in the USA I take full advantage of my Verizon FiOS TV Service by using the FiOS Mobile App.  The past two weeks I have been on and off traveling and did not want to miss either of the conventions.  I was able to set up my DVR on the road to record what I could not watch live with my app.

Verizon FiOS App Screenshot Katie shea Design

When I was finally home I took my iPad out on my patio and hopped on Verizon FiOS App to enjoy watching the convention poolside.

Watching FiOS on Patio Katie Shea Design

Image shot with Samsung Galaxy Note5 #VZWBuzz

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Recording NY Mets Baseball History With Verizon FiOS


I love attending a Live baseball game versus watching on TV.

Citi Field Katie Shea Design #VZWbuzz

Both have their own pros and cons.

Dining at Citi Field’s  Acela Club is definitely in the “pro” column for me.  I can watch the game and enjoy the amazing buffet spread along with a very cold beer of my choosing.

Beer Citi Field image by kathleen DeCosmo Katie Shea Design VZWbuzz

It happened to be lightly raining while we were very cozily sipping, noshing and viewing the NY Mets playing the San Francisco Giants in the comfort of our Acela Club chairs.

Around the third inning, we moved down to our stadium seats just in time to watch the Mets set a new franchise record for the most runs scored in an inning.

Citi Field Mets NYC Bases loaded 4 29 16 3rd inning record for franchise image by Kathleen DeCosmo Katie SheaDesign

The con in this scenario is that you cannot repeatedly rewind the history that was just made like you can when you are at home watching the game on your Verizon FiOS network.

I did manage to catch a small clip of the fans going crazy during the third inning scoring.

Mets set a new franchise record for the most runs in an inning 4 29 16 video clip by Kathleen Decosmo Katie Shea Design VZWbuzz

I assumed my husband had already set the game to record.  I glanced over to confirm and caught a glimpse of him checking his FiOS Mobile App.

To his disappointment, he had not set up the recording that would’ve had the historical inning to watch at his leisure.  He proceeded to record the rest of the game, then to his surprise and relief Verizon FiOS grabbed the prior hour of what was playing on channel 577 SNY because the TV was already on that specific channel and in the buffer!! The recording started from around the second inning and that was a gift to him!!

FiOS Recording mets VS SF Giants Katie Shea Design #VZWbuzz

If you are a Verizon FiOS Customer already you can download the FiOS Mobile App at Google Play and the App Store to start streaming your recorded content from anywhere with an internet connection right away.

A glimpse of Verizon FiOS Mobile App Capabilities:

  • Stream every subscribed channel and all recorded content while at home
  • Watch nearly all recorded shows while away from home
  • Access thousands of On-Demand titles
  • Manage DVR recordings from virtually anywhere
  • Use mobile device as a Fios TV remote
  • Set parental controls

Check Here for Verizon FiOS Service availability in your viewing area.

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Watch Verizon FiOS TV Anywhere – Even Without A TV


Live TV Your Way

Take your shows on the road!  Grab your device and stream some of your favorite FiOS TV channels from just about anywhere!  Watch Verizon FiOS TV Anywhere – Even Without A TV!!

I will not have to miss a minute of Shark Week beginning on July 5th.  I can watch all the Shark Week shows even from the Beach on the Discovery Channel with my Verizon FiOS Subscription!

Shark Week Image by Katie Shea Design LifeOnFiOS VZWBuzz C2015 #SharkWeek

That is correct even without a TV!

This summer I plan on catching up on some shows and movies while I am on the beach, during a long car ride, in my backyard and even hanging at the park absorbing the sun!

I have downloaded The FiOS® Mobile App that lets you access your home entertainment and technology virtually anywhere in and around your home or even when you’re away from your home on your compatible smartphone or tablet. Watch movies with FiOS On Demand, manage your uploaded photos, even change your DVR schedule–all from your phone or tablet!

FiOS Mobile App for Android  Katie Shea Design LifeOnFiOS

FiOS Mobile app for iPhone

Watch it Live. TV Optional.

Verizon FiOS Mobile.

Stream FiOS TV channels on your iPad®, iPhone®, Android™, or Kindle Fire® – at home or out and about. Popular channels for live TV viewing include NFL Network, NFL RedZone, beINSport (in English and Spanish), BBC America, TNT, Nickelodeon, Tennis Channel*, HBO, TBS, Cartoon Network, Comedy Central, Bravo, SyFy, HGTV*, Food Network*, EPIX*, the Cooking Channel and many others. This list is always growing so check back here often to see what news channels are available for in-home and/or out-of-home viewing.

I have also bookmarked so many shows and movies available on Showtime, HBOGo and Cinemax( free with your Verizon Subscription to these premium channels)  simply by downloading their apps on iTunes and Google Play and then signing in with my Verizon FiOS Username and Password.

On HBOGo I can watch some oldies but goodies such as Six Seasons of Sex and the City, Three Seasons of Newsroom, Six Seasons of the Sopranos, Five Seasons of Game Of Thrones and Four Seasons of Veep!

On Showtime Anytime, I can watch Four Seasons of Homeland, Five Seasons of Shameless and Two Seasons of Ray Donovan!


When you subscribe to FiOS TV and FiOS Internet, you can stream live TV directly from your Xbox One® and 360® consoles.

Or use your Samsung® and LG® Smart TVs and Samsung Blu-ray™ Players to stream channels to your TV with the FiOS TV app.

Plus stream Disney, Fox, WatchESPN and HBO GO® apps on Apple TV and/or Roku®.

Who Is Excited For #sharkweek image by @KatieSheaDesign #LifeOnFiOS

Shark Week Image by Katie Shea Design LifeOnFiOS VZWBuzz week of July 5th 2015 C2015 #SharkWeek

Watch Verizon FiOS TV Anywhere – Even Without A TV

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Catch up to “The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel” with Verizon FiOS On Demand


A few weeks back I was invited to attend ‘The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel‘ New York Premiere at the Ziegfeld Theater.

Katie Shea Design Screening Pass for the Premiere of The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel in NYC Katie Shea Design

I was so excited for the event since some of my all time favorite actors would be attending.  “I am going to breathe the same air as Judi Dench and Richard Gere” my daughter said when I asked her to attend the premiere with me.

The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel  was released in the U.S. back in 2012.  I had not viewed it so I decided to rent it “On Demand” on my Verizon FiOS.

Watch the Best Exotic Marigold Hotel on Verizon FiOS

I have Chosen Verizon FiOS ON DEMAND because of the following features:

  • FiOS brings the most On Demand titles to the TV screen with access to more than 100,000 titles, thousands of which are free.
  • Wide variety of content available including blockbuster movies, concerts, sporting events, exercise, and kid’s programming.
  • Content is refreshed weekly, so there’s always something new to watch!
  • Many new release movies are available before Netflix.

I was really pumped after watching The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel twice since I had the movie for a few days.  Could not wait to see the next saga of all these fabulous adventure seeking retirees.  Lucky for me, I did not have to wait long since I was attending the premiere.

Katie Shea Design Premiere of The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel at the Ziegfeld Theatre NYC Katie Shea Design

Having the ability to view a movie at my fingertips “On Demand” is extremely crucial to my work on Social Media.  I was able to get acquainted with all the characters and be ready for the premiere of the second movie very quickly.

The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel was fabulous!  I am hoping Fox Searchlight Studios decides to create a Third Exotic Marigold Hotel and develop the characters for closure.

While I am waiting for that I will BUY “The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel” when it becomes available “On Demand” Love my Verizon FiOS!

Katie shea Design The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel  Cast at the Premiere NYC by Katie Shea Design LifeOnFiOS

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CRAFT BY WORLD MARKET Collection Inspired By The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel Movie

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Pinky Up Downton Abbey Fans.. #DoTheDownton With Me!


Pinky Up Downton Abbey Fans!

Getting ready for the Season 5 Finale of Downton Abbey #DowntonPBS!

My table is set and my Downton Abbey Tea is brewing!!

Downton Abbey Season Finale March 1st 2015  Pinky Up by Katie Shea Design

Season 5 of Downton Abbey is recorded on my Verizon FiOS Quantum Gateway Router.

With my Verizon FiOS Quantum Gateway router I can:

  • Save full seasons of the series you love.
  • Record up to 12 shows at the same time.
  • Pause, play and rewind live action on any TV in your house with a set-top box. ( Not just the ones connected to a DVR. You can even move from one room).

Also, I can watch LIVE TV anytime, anywhere.

Fios MobileI will be LIVE streaming Season 5 Episode 9 with the Verizon FiOS Mobile App on my Sony Xperia® Z2 Tablet. This app accesses Live TV and On Demand movies almost anywhere on any compatible device.

If you have not watched Season 5 or missed some episodes; you can watch any or all of the S5 Episodes here until March 15th, 2015

Have you ever dreamed of  Visiting the iconic Highclere Castle for private afternoon tea?

Well, maybe you have not been aware that your dream could become a reality.

Enter the 2015 Downton Abbey Sweepstakes every day through March 15th, 2015 for a chance to win a Downton Abbey Dream Trip!



Let’s Do The Downton

Join Cost Plus World Market “YOU are INVITED! “Let’s Do The Downton” (pinky up) pinning party!! Please pin images of tea parties, tablescapes, blogs featuring Downton Abbey, tea party recipes and menus for any of your own Downton Abbey Tea Parties.  Please include #DoTheDownton in each description. To Browse World Market’s Downton Abbey products: **Here** To request an Invite to pin to this Pinterest Board email: Subj: #DoTheDownton

Pinterest Katie Shea Design DoThe Downton with World Market

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