Choosing a Mother-Son Dance Song



Choosing a Mother-Son Dance Song has been a long process for me.

I did not realize that the process of choosing a special song to dance to with my son on his wedding day was going to conjure up so many memories of our mother/son lifelong journey.

He is our oldest son and the second one of our children to be wed.  The process of a son planning a wedding vs a daughter is a completely different experience.

I never knew how much time I would be putting into choosing a special song until I started listening with a very intentional ear to many Mother-Son Dance Song lists.

The whole process became very emotional for me as I sat listening to each song trying to pair the song’s lyrics somehow with my son, and our mother/son relationship all through the years.

Our relationship began during the nine months carrying him in my womb.  We connected in a very special way in addition to actually being attached umbilically during my pregnancy LOL!

My first look at my son was me seeing a scowl on his face.  I would soon learn that scowl was when his comfort was disturbed otherwise he always wore a smile.

He smiled so much that his football coach had to tell him not to smile while he was tackling someone on the football field!  Both Memories are so carved out in my long term memory.

Certain words in many of the songs provoked some deeply buried, cherished memories to resurface while clutching a box of tissues. I am wondering how many mothers of the groom have experienced this flood of emotion as I have.

I had many song sessions that brought me down memory lane and each time I narrowed my selections more and more.

I had a song chosen months ago but somehow I did not feel it was perfect for my son and myself  to dance to.  Back to square one using a fresh ear revisiting some of the sites I used already.  I thought I was past the emotional responses the music invoked in me. Nope, not only did I cry like a baby, but so did my husband when I had him listen to my new and final selection for my Mother-Son Dance Song.

My husband and I have prayed all of his life for him to find someone to share his life with.  I know that he is counting the days to marry his best friend!!

What song did I choose for our Mother-Son Dance?

November 5th, 2016 is the wedding so stay tuned!

These are some of the sites I used to review potential song selections for our Mother-Son Dance:

Mother – Son Dance Songs

Mother-Son Wedding Song Ideas

Wedding Music Ideas For the Mother-Son Dance

Top 100 Mother/Groom Dance Songs

I used my Verizon MotoZ smartphone with the JBL SoundBoost Speaker Mod to hear each song very clearly whenever and wherever I had some downtime.  What is great about my MotoZ smartphone and the JBL SoundBoost Speaker Mod is I am able to access instantly a powerful stereo sound and it’s features of a kickstand, a built-in battery for 10 hours of playtime and speakerphone capabilities.

Disclosure: I’m so excited I received a MotoZ Smartphone and three Moto Mods as part of my relationship with Verizon. Thanks Verizon for letting me play with this amazing smartphone technology!! #Droid #MotoZ from @Verizon #VZWBuzz #ad .

Happy Anniversary With MotoZ Moto Mods


A few weeks ago I became a grateful recipient of the new MotoZ Droid Smartphone with three amazing Moto Mod accessories and a storage case!

MotoZ Bundle Katie Shea Design VZWbuzz

Most intriguing to me was the idea of having a projector in my pocket that could project videos and photos up to 70 inches wide onto any flat surface! The concept of having the capacity at a moment’s notice to present a project, idea, document, image, video or view a movie with one or more people was exploding my mind!

I wanted to use the projector for something very special.  I decided to produce a 33rd wedding anniversary video for my husband.

While editing my anniversary video I used the JBL Soundbooth Speaker to play the video through for a preview before surprising my husband.

I played the video on our bedroom ceiling for our 33rd Wedding Anniversary with my Moto Insta-Share Moto Mod projector.

Preparing all the images for this very special video spent lots of battery time. Editing images for hours really tested the MotoZ’s Moto Mod Power Pack Battery life. I went for almost a whole day without having to charge up my smartphone.

I have more creative ideas to use my MotoZ’s Moto Mods in my work and my everyday life.  Stay Tuned!!!

Disclosure: I’m so excited I received a MotoZ Smartphone and three Moto Mods as part of my relationship with Verizon. Thanks Verizon for letting me play with this amazing smartphone technology!! #Droid #MotoZ from @Verizon #VZWBuzz #ad .


Travel Made Easy With My Smartphone


How many people would love to explore a new city but feel directionally challenged like me?

I found this wonderful smartphone app CityMaps2Go that can be a constant companion for directions, dining, shopping, transportation and sightseeing! There is a free version available and paid versions as well.

CityMaps2Go screenshot KatieSheaDesign

You can confidently plan your travel by downloading maps for cities or countries prior to your trip.  You can use the maps even when you do not have wifi.  I love that this app tracks my position on the map so I know exactly where I am.  Make sure you download the maps while you have a WiFi connection.

Having a reliable wireless connection is a priority for me especially while traveling.  I am a Verizon Wireless User and take full advantage of their International Trip Planner Tool.  This Planner Tool helps me find the best compatible International Plan and also helps me know which networks I can access on my trip: 4G LTE, 3G, and 2G data.

You can view some Verizon Wireless International Travel FAQs HERE

If you are not already a Verizon Wireless User and want more information about their plans or how to switch over to Verizon Wireless, please visit this link.

Having a currency converter on your smartphone when traveling to multiple countries makes travel much easier.  I find the Currency App to be the most up to the minute for currency conversions.  Before you start out from your hotel with wifi availability calculate your currency so you can make the conversion without using data.

Currency app screenshot Katie Shea Design

I like having things in one place so I do not waste precious time searching all over the internet.  I love using the Trivago App that gives me all my hotel options with the lowest available prices.

Trivago app screenshot katie shea design

While I am traveling in the USA I take full advantage of my Verizon FiOS TV Service by using the FiOS Mobile App.  The past two weeks I have been on and off traveling and did not want to miss either of the conventions.  I was able to set up my DVR on the road to record what I could not watch live with my app.

Verizon FiOS App Screenshot Katie shea Design

When I was finally home I took my iPad out on my patio and hopped on Verizon FiOS App to enjoy watching the convention poolside.

Watching FiOS on Patio Katie Shea Design

Image shot with Samsung Galaxy Note5 #VZWBuzz

Disclosure: **I am a member of both #LifeOnFiOS and #VZWBuzz Ambassador Teams–  selected teams of influencers for Verizon FiOS and Verizon Wireless who love the FiOS and Wireless service. Compensation was provided and opinions are, as always my own.


Chipping My Yorkie With A Tile! Thanks Verizon.


Do I Really Have to Wear a Tile VZWBuzz Image by KatieSheaDesign Kathleen DeCosmo

My Yorkie cannot resist an open door or gate. She loves to run down the hill from my home and sometimes stops in to visit a neighbor. I never know which neighbor.  Now with this tiny Bluetooth tracker the #Tile, I just grab my Note5 smartphone, bring up my #Tile App and tap “Find”.  The little square tile that I attached to my Yorkie’s collar can now help me locate the little feline socialite without having to walk around the neighborhood calling her name. The music you will hear on this Video is emitting from the Tile on her collar. You can attach the Tile to anything you want to find and keep track of.

I Guess I Have to wear the tile image by katieSheaDesign Kathleen DeCosmo VZWBuzz ad

How the Tile Works:

Ring Your Things
Ring lost items just like you’d call a lost phone. If your Tile is within the 100-foot Bluetooth range, it will play a loud tune until you find it.

Ring Your Phone
Can’t find your phone? Press any one of your Tiles to make your lost phone ring—even if it’s on silent.
Tiny speakers let out a 90-decibel melody that’s easy to hear—even if it’s under something or in another room.

If you lost your phone far away, finding it is still easy.  Log into the Tile website app to see its last known location, to make it ring, or to send a lock-screen message to the friendly folks who might find it.  Expand your search using all Tile apps in the Tile Community.  This feature is 100% private, so no one knows you’re looking for a lost item but you.

Thanks Verizon for sending me a #Tile that fits my lifestyle! More About the #Tile I received from @verizon read HERE

Disclosure: As a member of a very cool team of influencers for Verizon Wireless I received compensation to think of this story from my life and write about it.

Images snapped by Kathleen DeCosmo of Katie Shea Design with a Samsung Galaxy Note5.

A Nation Became A Neighborhood


“On that terrible day, a nation became a neighborhood. All Americans became New Yorkers”. ~ George Pataki 

A Nation Became A Neighborhood quote Geeorge Pataka Image by KatieSheaDesign BetterMatters c 2016
All day on 9/11/01 my cell phone served as a lifeline to so many in NYC delivering news to loved ones when all the lines of communication were difficult to get through. My Verizon service was there for us because #‎BetterMatters‬!

Verizon Wireless rates #1 in speed, data, reliability and overall performance in the U.S.

How does your network perform for you?

Disclosure: As a member of a very cool team of influencers for Verizon Wireless I received compensation to think of this story from my life and write about it.

On The Heels of National Wine Day: Who Could Use This Today??

Scientists create enzyme that could lead  Image by Katie Shea Design

A new enzyme that enhances the health benefits of wine and prevents the onset of headaches and nausea has been developed by a team of US-based researchers.  Read More HERE.

Great news for the wine industry and wine lovers!  

Many could use this magic bullet enzyme included in wine, especially if one overdid it a bit for National Wine Day!

Scientists have developed a “genome knife” that enables them to do “precise metabolic engineering” of microbes, including the strains of Saccharomyces cerevisiae that are used in the production of wine, beer, and other fermented foods and beverages. Using this “knife,” they can increase all of the pluses of drinking wine (i.e., the health benefits) while also mitigating some of the minuses—meaning the woeful physical consequences. Winos, rejoice!”

Hopefully by next National Wine Day some could be enjoying the benefits of this new scientific discovery with no worry of a hangover!

Disclosure **I am a member of  #VZWBuzz Lifestyle Blogger Team.  I am supplied with different devices to use and test.  All opinions are my own. **

Image by Katie Shea Design shot with a Verizon iPhone6  #VZWBuzz

A Brunch Date at the Vinoy St. Petersburg Florida with Family and my My Blackberry Z10

It began with a bet. The rest, as they say, is history. And what a magnificent history it’s been. From the time it opened at the dawn of 1926, to its current incarnation as one of St. Petersburg’s most spectacular waterfront resorts, this timeless treasure still impresses with its lofty pedigree, along with an ability to survive decades of neglect, winds of change and painstaking renewal. For 85 years, the Vinoy Renaissance St. Petersburg Resort & Golf Club has been – and always will be – a place to relax, play, indulge, and savor the good life.

Now celebrating its 85th anniversary, the Vinoy continues to expand upon its legacy of comfort and elegance. Just as in years past, guests can enjoy luxurious amenities designed to pamper and restore within stunning surroundings and a chance to experience unique moments for a lifetime of memories.

Read more History of Vinoy® Renaissance® St. Petersburg Resort & Golf Club ….

We decided to take my mother in law Laura to Brunch after Church this past Sunday and found our car in front of the Vinoy.  This particular place seemed the perfect setting for all of us since it has such a Jazz upbeat Big Band vibe.  We needed a respite, an oasis after losing the Patriarch of our Family this past Friday, my Father in law Emile DeCosmo  “one of the finest progressive jazz saxophonists, author, publisher and musical improvisation instructor in the world….!!!  ~ Trade Martin”  

Walking up the front Steps past the Front Porch and through the statuesque entrance you cannot help but feel flooded with nostalgic images and gentle whispers that graced the foyer of this rich landmark.


Happily greeted with a Chihuly glass display, the visual feast unfolds as we saunter through the lobby towards the big feast of a Sunday Brunch.



We visited all the Buffet tables and some more than once. We enjoyed  sipping our hot coffee/tea serenaded by a wonderful pianist tickling the ivories of a baby grand piano.




The sights, sounds, aromas and tastes came as great comforts to all of us.

I enjoyed shooting these images with my Verizon Blackberry Z10 as it is so easy to use and not imposing at all in a social public setting such as this. #VZWBuzz  #VZBlackberryZ10

In Memory and Honor of my Father in Law, Emile DeCosmo, Jazz Saxaphonist, Please take a pause and enjoy the sounds of Jazz with Vocals (Betty Comora & Ronny Whyte) Tenor Sax Soloist (Emile De Cosmo)  ->

New York City Blues (Peggy Lee)
Album – Bouncy Bluesy Bizarre – Betty Comora

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