On The Heels of National Wine Day: Who Could Use This Today??

Scientists create enzyme that could lead  Image by Katie Shea Design

A new enzyme that enhances the health benefits of wine and prevents the onset of headaches and nausea has been developed by a team of US-based researchers.  Read More HERE.

Great news for the wine industry and wine lovers!  

Many could use this magic bullet enzyme included in wine, especially if one overdid it a bit for National Wine Day!

Scientists have developed a “genome knife” that enables them to do “precise metabolic engineering” of microbes, including the strains of Saccharomyces cerevisiae that are used in the production of wine, beer, and other fermented foods and beverages. Using this “knife,” they can increase all of the pluses of drinking wine (i.e., the health benefits) while also mitigating some of the minuses—meaning the woeful physical consequences. Winos, rejoice!”

Hopefully by next National Wine Day some could be enjoying the benefits of this new scientific discovery with no worry of a hangover!

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National Wine Day


National Wine Day is celebrated annually on May 25.

Each year, on this day, people enjoy a glass of their favorite wine with dinner, for dessert, with friends, at a restaurant, at home or at a wine-tasting event. The wine has a rich history dating back thousands of years!  (There is also a separate, yet similar, National Wine Day which is celebrated each year in February).

We are celebrating National Wine Day by sharing some of the Wines we tasted and Vineyards visited while traveling in Northern California’s Wine Country.

Napa Valley Sign Image by katie Shea Design 1

 O’Brien Estate, Napa Valley CA

O Brien Estates Napa Image by Katie Shea Design 1

O Brien Estates Napa Image by Katie Shea Design 3

 Ceja Vineyards

Ceja Vineyards  Chardonnay Napa Ca Image by Katie Shea Design

 Ceja Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon Image by Katie Shea DesignTrinitas Cellars

Trinitas Cellars  Chardonnay Image by katie Shea Design 3

Trinitas Cellars Sauvignon Blanc Image by katie Shea Design 2Chimney Rock 


Duckhorn Vineyards Tasting Flight Image by Katie Shea Design 2

Duckhorn Vineyards Merlot Image by Katie Shea Design 2

Castello di Amorosa

Castello di Amorosa 2010 IL PASSITO Reserve, Late Harvest Sauvignon Blanc, Semillon image by Katie Shea Design Sweet Dessert Wine   AWARD WINNER-2014 American Fine Wine Competition -

Castello di Amorosa 201 il Barone Image by Katie Shea DesignJoseph Phelps Vineyards

Joseph Phelps Vineyards Image by Katie Shea Design

Joseph Phelps Cabernet Sauvigon 1999 image shot by Katie Shea DesignPassaggio Wines

Passaggio New Generation Sauvignon Blanc Wine maker Cindy Cosco

Passaggio Sangioves and Pinot Noir image by katie Shea DesignLedson Winery & Vineyards

Ledson Winery Zinfandel Image by Katies Shea Design

Ledson Winery and Vineyards image by katie Shea Design 2Kendall-Jackson

Kendall-Jackson Syrah Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay image by Katie Shea Design

Kendall-Jackson Chardonnay Image by Katie Shea Design

 Silver Oak Cellars

Silver Oak Cabernet Sauvignon 2006  Image by Katie Shea Design

Silver Oak Cellars Image by Katie Shea DesignKenwood Vineyards

kenwood Pinot Noir and Merlot Image by katie Shea Design

Kenwood Pinot Gris Image by Katie Shea Design 2

Cakebread Cellars

Cakebread Cellars Pinot Noir Merlot Caabernet Sauvignon Syrah and Pinot Noir Image by Katie Shea DesignCakebread Cellars Cabernet Sauvignon Image by Katie Shea DesignMKT Restaurant-Bar

When visiting California’s Wine Country we recommend to either begin or end your visit with a MKT Restaurant-Bar dining experience that can be paired with some of the finest Vineyards/Wineries.

MKT Restaurant Wine List Image by Katie Shea Design

MKT Restaurant San Francisco Image by Katie Shea Design 2

You are Invited to Visit Katie Shea Design”s National Wine Day Pinterest Place Board.  Pinterest Place Boards can be used as a tool to plan your next Wine Tour!

National Wine Day Pinterest Place Board by Katie Shea Design

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Who are you on Twitter? You Are What You Tweet!


Visually Katie Shea Design

 This infographic was no surprise to Katie Shea Design.

YOU are what you Tweet, Facebook, Pin on Pinterest, Instagram, Meerkat and Periscope.

Visual.ly has a free tool on their website that takes your twitter profile and turns it into an infographic in 30 seconds.

Infographics and pictures are a great way to get your point across since images can speak louder than words on Twitter and across different social media platforms.

It is no secret that we smile a lot, love to eat, share food recipes on Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook. Most of all love talking and drinking wine!

Katie Shea Design Pinterest


Instagram Katie Shea Design

Visual Content DRIVES Engagement! 

Visual Content Drives Engagement Montreal Notre Dame by KatieSheaDesign


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What Is In Your Wine Glass?


10-1-2014 3-46-12 PM

 What is in your wine glass?

What was in your wine glass?

What would you like to be in your wine glass?

Which Vineyard / Winery would you like to attend a tasting at?

Which Vineyard / Winery have you visited?

What wines did you taste?

Also, If You are a Vineyard or a Winery; we invite you to share about your wine, vineyard, tasting room or a Wine Quote on our Pinterest Board.

Please Follow the directions in the “Wine Everything Wine” Pinterest Board description to secure your invite to post to our Viral Wine Board!

Katie Shea Design Invites you to leave a comment here, share on Twitter or Pin to our “Wine Everything Wine” Pinterest Board.

Cheers and Happy Wine Wednesday! #Wine #Wednesday #WW

Under Magnolia : A Wordsmith’s Banquet Captivating All Your Senses

Under Magnolia by Frances Mayes Available April 1st, 2014  Shot with a Samsung Galaxy Camera #VZWBuzz by Katie Shea Design

 “I’ll always marvel at the liveliness of southern speech-so full of metaphor and hyperbole, quirks and vividness.”  ~ Frances Mayes

A few pages into “Under Magnolia” I grabbed a brand new notebook along with a light blue highlighter to keep by my side.  I found myself lingering on sentences and discovering words that I wanted to remember. Reading ever so slowly, stopping to pause, jotting down words and quotes  to come back to was my journey through “Under Magnolia.”

“Images are the pegs holding down memory’s billowing tent.” ~ Frances Mayes

Frances Mayes is a wordsmith who paints vivid images using each word like a paintbrush stroke spreading color all over her canvas. Frances shared her childhood memories with wit, humor, metaphors and hyperboles.

“Families all over have secrets and weird people and foibles, and mine did too.” ~ Frances Mayes

Getting to know Frances as a child, walking alongside her into womanhood certainly exhibited that:

“Your own will can trump how you were raised.” ~ Frances Mayes

My heart ached with sorrow for Frances especially in her fourteenth year. (You will have to read the book to find out!)

“The heart is a lonely hunter.” ~ Frances Mayes

Despite riding on a bumpy road with so many twists and turns, living through losses of great magnitude (“She is the lining of my coat I will have to shed.” ~ Frances Mayes)  she maintained her optimism.

“Everyday an air of possibility.” ~ Frances Mayes

Ever so true that statement!  Frances Mayes is the author of many books:  Bella Tuscany, Every Day in Tuscany, The Tuscan Sun Cookbook and the NY Times Best Selling novel  “Under The Tuscan Sun” that went on to be made into an  iconic movie. This past summer Frances and her husband Ed released their first line of  hand-chosen Italian wines available from Tuscan Sun Wines.

Tondo Tondo Tuscan Sun Wines Tuscan Sun Wines capture France’s sense of wonder and “Prima Famiglia”: Family First Prima Famiglia  Family First Family is the epicenter to the Southern and Tuscan lifestyle that Frances describes in “Under Magnolia.”

I had the pleasure of experiencing Frances and Ed Maye’s Southern, Tuscan hospitality while visiting with them at their mountain house in Tuscany last July.

Frances & Ed Mayes Mountain House Tuscany, Italy  Shot with a Android RAZR HD #VZWBuzz by Katie Shea Design Tuscan Sun wines Mountain House Frances Mayes  Shot with a Android RAZR HD #VZWBuzz by Katie Shea Design

Frances & Ed Mayes Mountain House with Tuscan Sun Wines Italy July 2013  Shot with a Android RAZR HD #VZWBuzz by Katie Shea DesignFrances Mayes Chef Ivan and Silvia Baracchi Shot with a Android RAZR HD #VZWBuzz by Katie Shea Design

Frances & Ed Mayes Mountain House Tuscany, Italy Original Bed in the Movie Under the Tuscan SunShot with a Android RAZR HD #VZWBuzz by Katie Shea Design Tuscan Sun Wines were first introduced to the world on July 4th, 2013 in the heart of the small town of Cortona, Italy.

All roads leads to Under the Tuscan Sun Wines Shot with a Android RAZR HD #VZWBuzz by Katie Shea Design 

Cortona, Italy shot with an Android Razr HD by Katie Shea Design #VZWBuzz

 Cortona, Italy shot with an Android Razr HD by Katie Shea Design #VZWBuzz

 TuscanSunWines Launch July 4th 2013 Cortona Italy | Cortona, Italy shot with an Android Razr HD by Katie Shea Design #VZWBuzz

Cortona, Italy shot with an Android Razr HD by Katie Shea Design #VZWBuzz

Tuscan Sun Wines at DelBrenna shot with Android RAZR #VZWBuzz

Sept 11th, 2013 the Tuscan Sun Wine’s U.S. debut was in Denver, CO and the media party was held at the Denver Art MuseumFrances Mayes at the Denver Art Museum  shot with a Samsung Galaxy Camera #VZWBuzzFrances Mayes speaking at the Denver Art Museum

Frances and Ed traveled around Denver signing bottles of Tuscan Sun Wines even during the wild flooding in the Denver area as to not disappoint many who had awaited their arrival.

Ed & Frances Mayes Denver CO.  Shot with a Samsung Galaxy Camera #VZWBuzz by Katie Shea DesignEd Mayes & Frances Mayes Denver Co. bottle signing

Frances Mayes & Kathleen DeCosmo ( Katie Shea Design)  Shot with a Samsung Galaxy Camera #VZWBuzz by Katie Shea DesignFrances Mayes & Kathleen DeCosmo (Katie Shea Design) Denver 

signed bottle by Frances Mayes Denver Co.  Shot with a Samsung Galaxy Camera #VZWBuzz by Katie Shea Design

A Wordsmith’s Banquet Captivating All Your Senses “Under Magnolia” is to be savored with every page turn. ~ KatieSD

Under Magnolia Available April 1st, 2014

 Some of my favorite “Frances Mayes Words”:  SangfroidScuppernongFrangipaniCatawampusMunificence

”I’m always in wonder over the mysteries of love-how it endures in a molten state even under the hardest strata.” ~ Frances Mayes

In addition to her worldwide bestselling Tuscany memoirs, FRANCES MAYES is the author of the travel memoir A Year in the World.  She has published a novel, Swan, set in the South; The Discovery of Poetry: A Field Guide for Reading and Writing Poems; and five books of poetry.  Her books have been translated into more than fifty languages.  She divides her time between Tuscany and North Carolina. Visit her at www.francesmayesbooks.com.

Frances Mayes on Twitter | Frances Mayes on Facebook | Frances Mayes on Pinterest

 For more information, visit TuscanSunWines.com, or follow Tuscan Sun Wines on Facebook and Twitter. For updates and news on TUSCAN SUN WINES, join the mailing list.

I received a complimentary review copy of “Under Magnolia”  from : Random House/Crown publishing.

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Super Tuscany: Presented by James Suckling and Zachys at City Winery NYC

James Suckling & Zachys Present Super Tuscany at City Winery

 Super Tuscany was the who’s who of Tuscan wine producers.

Owners, winemakers and representatives of the various Tuscany wine estates flew in from Italy to meet, greet and taste with all the attendees at City Winery NYC Feb 11th, 2014.

Image 2 Super Tuscany at City Winery NYC

Each winery presented three different wines-two current releases and one older vintage.  This was a unique opportunity to taste some of the greatest Italian wines from one of the most revered wine regions “Tuscany”.

Image 3 Super Tuscany at City Winery NYC Super Tuscany  was the first of a 3 part series presented by James Suckling and  Zachys.  This event, featuring 50+ of Tuscany’s top estates was a great success!

Wineries in Attendance:

Wineries Attending: Agricola San Felice, Amantis, Antinori, Argentiera, Argiano, Azienda Agricola Poggio la Noce, Banfi, Barone Ricasoli, Baracchi, Bibi Graetz – Testamatta, Biserno, Caiarossa, Capezzana, Casaloste, Castello di Bolgheri, Castello di Gabbiano, Castello di Monsanto, Castello di Querceto, Castello di Vicchiomaggio, Castello Terriccio, Castiglion del Bosco, Cecchi, Collazzi, Empson, Fabrizio Dionisio, Fattoria di Magliano, Fattoria di Piazzano, Fattoria La Torre, Fattoria Nittardi, Gagliole, Il Borro, Il Molino di Grace, La Massa, Leuta, Livernanno/Casalvento, Marchesi FrescobaldiCastello di Nipozzano, Marchesi FrescobaldiTenuta di Castiglioni, Monteverro, Ornellaia, Orma, Petrolo, Principe Corsini, Renieri, Riecine, Rocca delle Macie, Tenuta Luce delle Vite, Tenuta San Guido, Tenuta Sette Ponti, Terrabianca, Tua Rita, Viticcio, Volpaia

 For a complete list of all the attending Wine Estates /Wines tasted click Here.

Image 4 Super Tuscany at City Winery NYC

Attendees were treated to the sounds of award winning recording artists, appetizing trays of Italian specialties tempting the taste buds all night and a winery atmosphere, reminiscent of Tuscany Italy.

Image 5 Super Tuscany at City Winery NYC The event also saw the birth of a new smartphone and iPad app developed by Zachys that allowed attendees to instantly check the scores and comments on the wines as well as purchase the wines on the spot!  Read More

Zachys wine app

 Image 6 Super Tuscany at City Winery NYC

Don’t miss the next event:

Image 7 Super Tuscany at City Winery NYC

James Suckling & Zachys Present Great Wines of Bordeaux

March 11, 2014

City Winery NYC.

I invite you to visit on Pinterest:

Super Tuscany Presented by James Suckling and Zachys at City Winery Pinterest Board

Super Tuscany: Presented by James Suckling & Zachys at City Winery NYC

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Baracchi Winery and Wine Resort at the IL Falconiere, Tuscany Italy

Your invited to sip award winning wines by Baracchi Winery available online through Curious Cork Imports or visit the Baracchi Winery Wine Resort in the territory of Cortona, celebrating the Tuscan tradition.

Baracchi winery and Wine Resort at the Il falconiere

This past summer I had the pleasure of being a guest of Silvia and Riccardo Baracchi and enjoying their hospitality in their historic luxury resort.

Il Falconiere grounds framed KSD

The typical Tuscan villa which dates back to the 17th century was the home of the famous poet Antonio Guadagnoli. Now completely restored and transformed into countryside Relais; Il Falconiere it is part of the prestigious chain Relais & Chateaux, which exuberates the art of hospitality. The old olive groves and the new vineyards surround the property.

steps door Collage images by ksd

Riccardo with his son Benedetto strongly desired to continue the family tradition of grape growing and wine -making, which began in 1860, adding now a modern and high quality character.

Sangiovese, Syrah, Merlot, Cabernet and Trebbiano: these are the grapes which liven up Baracchi wines. A tribute to the land of Cortona and to the pleasure of the good wine. An invitation to taste the evolution of an ancient family tradition.

road to Baracchi Winery Collage

While visiting the Baracchi Wine Resort you can discover the vineyards, the philosophy of production and wine making techniques.  All accompanied by the opportunity to dine at the Michelin Star Restaurant “Stella” and stay at the Relais & Chateaux Il Falconiere.  Enjoy the Thesan Etruscan Spa via cheer with wine therapy.

IlFalconiere Food Collage

6. Dessert at the IlFalconiere_1

I recommend treating yourself to classes at the World Famous “Under the Tuscan Sun Cooking School” with Chef Silvia Regi Baracchi.

The Tuscan Sun Cooking School

Silvia Regi Baracchi organizes the  courses/ cooking lessons which are true culinary experiences to discover the true flavors of the Tuscan tradition.

Another jewel I discovered at this lovely establishment was the Chapel of St. Jerome, a private chapel, built in 1650, is located on the property. Its facade is in Baroque style. Inside the frescoes of flavor country are influenced by the famous school of Cortona.  The chapel is still consecrated, and you can organize blessings Catholic or Protestant, renewal of vows, anniversaries.

An alternative to the special ability to use the garden for a blessing exclusive country-chic style!

Chapel of Saint Jerome

Have your Wedding cake @Ilfalconiere  by Chef @SilviaBaracchi #tuscandream

Wedding Cake at the Ilfalconiere Cef Silvia Baracchi

The Baracchi Wine Resort at the Ilfalconiere, Tuscany Italy is the perfect place for a relaxing getaway any time of the year!

“THE Falconer Restaurant * 1 Michelin star”

“Italy’s Top Hotel – 3rd in Europe – 6th in the World,” Travel & Leisure 2007-2008

“400 The World Best Hotels”, Forbes Traveller

An  Android RAZR HD smartphone was used this summer to shoot all images by Katie Shea Design in this post.  #VZWBuzz

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Tweet Chat of Distinction #TuscanSunChat

Congratulations  From Katie Shea Design

To Frances & Edward Mayes on the Release of Their New Book

“The Tuscan Sun CookBook”

In Celebration of their New Book Frances & Edward participated in a Tweet Chat  March 13 th P.M. EST

For My readers that do not know what a Tweet Chat is I will explain.

Twitter tweet chat is a pre-arranged chat that happens on Twitter through the use of Twitter updates (called tweets) that include a predefined hashtag to link those tweets together in a virtual conversation.

Formal Twitter tweet chats are arranged in advance and occur at a specific time. They may include a formal agenda with a specific leader or “speaker”, or they might involve a free flowing discussion between all participants.

The  #TuscanSunChat  took Place last night on Twitter.  More info http://www.chefrobinwhite.com/?page_id=2740

Signorello Estate of Napa   http://www.signorellovineyards.com/ was Lead Sponsor for Frances & Ed Mayes’s Live Tweet up to celebrate the release their new cookbook “The Tuscan Sun Cookbook”.


     Hosts:   Chef Robin White / @canapes45                                                                          Cynthia Bogart /@thedailybasics 

   Chef Michael McMillan /  @SignorelloChef 

 For those of you who might have missed the #TuscanSunChat

you may visit http://tweetchat.com/room/TuscanSunChat


#TuscanSunChat transcript: http://www.curatede.com/Tweet/ChatTopic/TuscanSunChat?topicid=795  to have fun reading  some of last night’s Tweets By:

 @francismayes & @Edwardmayes 

Authors of : ” The Tuscan Sun CookBook” as wells  as all that participated.  http://www.amazon.com/Tuscan-Sun-Cookbook-Recipes-Italian/dp/0307885283

Just a few Tweets fom  the #TuscanSunChat:

Command Central  @SigVin w/ @canapes45@CordairGallery @alawine @deblovespinot @VitaeVinohttp://ow.ly/i/vy1E @JE_Uncorked

                                               Command Central

Napa   http://www.signorellovineyards.com/ Meet the players! #tuscansunchat

#TuscanSunChat #wine & Pizza! Yay!

 #tuscansunchat @sigvin 2008 Cabernet Sauvignon perfect 4 a chat w/ @francesmayes & @edwardmayes about their new book.

#TuscanSunChat beautiful pizza recipe brought to life by@SignorelloChef  http://ow.ly/i/vxqm

Frances website: http://www.francesmayesbooks.com

Ed’s Olive oil http://www.thetuscansun.com

Chef Robin White ‘s  ‏ @canapes45

Big Announcement!!!

OK Big Announcement!!  Meet @francesmayes in person @sigvin on:

July 22, 2012  for dinner prepared from the book by @signorellochef  #tuscansunchat

@canapes45:  Frances will also be doing Pizza party book signing @sigvin wine tasting 21st July tix will be available soon#tuscansunchat

@canapes45:  Tickets @napafest. tickets are limitedand will go very fast. This ticket includes Joshua Bell concert first #tuscansunchat

‏ @thedailybasics Week of July 20th? @AVIA_Napa: Come for the food and the wine. Stay with us for @Napafest #tuscansunchat

@thedailybasics  Hosted at Signorello Estate! @francesmayesin person @SigVin July 22 for dinner @SignorelloChef#tuscansunchat

@canapes45:  We’re Partnering w/ @napafest & @sigvin to have a great party not only here but virtually around the world. #tuscansunchat

@canapes45: thank you everyone for attending I hope you all enjoyed your time with @francesmayes and @edwardmayes Cheers and good night!#tuscansunchat

@THE DAILY BASICS ‏  said: @sigvin Signorello Estate has been so kind to sponsor a tweet up during this chat and sponsoring this chat THANK YOU SO MUCH! #tuscansunchat

@Edward Mayes ‏ : RT @francesmayes@canapes45 We are going to have a grand time at Signorello on 22 July. Over-the-top entertainment!#tuscansunchat

Cathy Bennett Fusco ‏ :  @francesmayes Can’t wait to see you tomorrow in Wilmington, DE!!! #tuscansunchat

 Francis & Edward Maye’s Book tour Schedule


Dine with @FrancesMayes in Napa!

July 22,  2012 @SigVin


  Ticket includes Joshua Bell Concert…..

Dinner, Wine And Signed Cookbook

Tickets & Info http://bit.ly/wCKo29

More Links:

Festival del Sole  @napafest

Napa Valley Festival del Sole is an annual celebration of music, #wine, food, dance and wellness for an authentic feast for the senses.

July 13-22, 2012

Napa, California ·  http://festivaldelsole.org

Editor of Distinction Cynthia Bogart of The Daily Basics

What is The Daily Basics?

This growing community is developing a unique lifestyle environment on and off the web. Strategical live and virtual events  are included in this eco-system where communities of people from all avenues in lifestyle are engaged.

The Daily Basics is all about Lifestyle – the quality, differences, style and trends on how people are actually living.  Never before has there been a directory of key lifestyle bloggers integrated into an eco-system where the average person can easily engage with the best daily conversation online in one destination.   To quote Cynthia “We are not replacing the magazine, we are simply a new way of delivering content to readers with same warm and cozy experience they got from their paper magazines but in a deeper more meaningful way”.

Cynthia Bogart:  Founder and Editor-in-Chief of The Daily Basics

If  you’ve opened up a copy of Better Homes & Gardens, Traditional Home, Renovation Style or Kitchen & Bath Ideas, you might have seen a few of the articles The Daily Basics editor, Cynthia Bogart has been producing for the last 18 years.  Cynthia’s job was to find homes and trends; style and work with top photographers, shoot the stories and then write the manuscript for many of the articles you’ve been reading all these years.  Is it any wonder that when the trend turned from paper to online that she was a few steps ahead of everyone else?  Cynthia’s vision is to give YOU,  the reader,  fresh cutting edge content from people who are lifestyle & home experts every day,  five days a week.

Basically Loves:  Living a great quality lifestyle based on old fashioned principles in a new trendy way!

March 13th 2012 8PM EST  Cynthia Bogart AKA  The Daily Basics  and  Chef Robin White  @canapes45  will be Hosting  the #TuscanSunChat  Tweet Chat  moderating an hour long event to celebrate the release of the new book:

“The Tuscan Sun Cookbook”.   Authors Frances and Edward Mayes will jump on to Twitter to chat with all their fans, ready to answer your candid questions.

To follow all the action on the night of the Tweet Chat you will want to make sure to “follow”  on @Twitter .

Lead Sponsor for the Tweet Chat is Signorello Estates, in Napa, known for their great wines.   Follow them on Twitter @SigVin.

To join in the chat, go to Tweetchat.com at 8PM EST on March 13th and login.

Search the hashtag #TuscanSunChat.

 Follow along with:

Hosts :

Cynthia Bogart  @thedailybasics

Chef Robin White  @canapes45

Authors :

Frances Mayes  @francesmayes

Edward Mayes @Edwardmayes

Chef Michael McMillan  @SignorelloChef  from the  Lead Sponsor for the Tweet Chat  Signorello Estates, in Napa, known for their great wines.   Follow them on Twitter @SigVin.

Chef  Robin White’s Web Page:  http://www.chefrobinwhite.com/page_id=2740  has very specific    #TuscanSunChat  instructions  as well as a link  for TWITTER LESSONS.

Hope You Join The Tweetchat.com  March 13th 8PM EST  #TuscanSunChat!

“Chef of Distinction Robin White” and follow #ColdSoupWeek on Twitter

#ColdSoupWeek AUG 21 – AUG 27 2011 with CHEF ROBIN WHITE

Meet My friend Chef Robin White 



#ColdSoupWeek  on Twitter


 #ColdSoupWeek / Aug. 21st / Here’s what you need to know!


The Cold Soup Week Menu & Schedule – Here they are; 7 scrumptious, easy to make cold soups for summer and each one is pair with a varietal perfect for sipping on a hot summer night. This is our cold soup week menu  and the recipes will follow.

Pick a night.  Make a soup.  Invite some friends.

When does it begin? 

Sunday, August 21st @ 8:00 PM Eastern Standard Time.

 Need more details? Check here.

Passaggio Wines A Proud Sponsor of #ColdSoupWeek

To watch all the #coldsoupweek tweets go by, go to  http://twitterfall.com/ on the night of the tweet up.  Put the hashtag “#coldsoupweek” into the search box on the Twitterfall website, hit the search button and all the twitter stream relating to the tweetup will appear in real time. This is so much fun to do with a bunch of your friends, eating the soups, and tweeting with millions around the world! Make the soup(s) and buy the suggested wine pairings ahead of time and invite some friends to you house and have a house party (last event there were over 27 house parties in 13 different countries!)

Check out interview with

@canapes45  AKA Chef RobinWhite

http://t.co/76xXxTv  #coldsoupweek

See you at 8PM EST

#coldsoupweek tweets go by, go to  http://twitterfall.com/ on the night of the tweet up.

Put the hashtag “#coldsoupweek” into the search box on the Twitterfall website, hit the search button and all the twitter stream relating to the tweetup will appear in real time.