Welcoming and Influencing Your Community


Welcome to My Community by Katie Shea Design

Long ago were the memories of the wafting aroma of freshly baked cake, bread or the sweet fragrances of fresh-cut flowers being ready for the welcoming of a new family into the neighborhood community.

Growing up in my “Baby Boomer Generation” there was a welcoming protocol to most neighborhoods.

Whenever we would see a moving truck pull into the neighborhood the children would get excited and wonder if the new family would have kids that could be possible new playmates.

The “grownups” as we called them would get busy putting together cakes, cupcakes, meals or a bunch of handpicked flowers to call on the new neighbors welcoming them to the neighborhood.

The families would take turns greeting the new neighbors by knocking on the front door or ringing their doorbell and introducing themselves carrying homemade, welcoming gifts.

There was also something called “The Welcome Wagon”  that some neighborhoods also used in addition to personal welcomes as described.

Recently while participating in a Twitter Chat by chance the very drastic shift in our daily lives jumped out to me.

There is hardly any children playing outside, neighbors sitting on their porches or neighbors ringing doorbell delivering welcome gifts.

Plentiful is the “Virtual Communities” that have no doors with knockers or doorbells, just keyboards that with one keystroke can “Like” or “Obliterate” the lives of anyone or everyone in a particular virtual community.

We now have Emojis to express our feelings including, cakes, hearts, and flowers!

The problem with emoji is that you cannot smell, taste or feel them and share those sensory experiences with another living being.

Virtual communities are growing in leaps and bounds, but people are feeling lonelier than ever.

Depression is at an all time high and selfies abound!  What is this compulsion to photograph one’s self every breathing moment implying that life is one big party??

All the non-stop social sharing masquerades as communication. It is not social sharing if there is not any exchange or reciprocation.

After I participated in a random twitter chat it was pointed out to me that so many feel left out, not heard and not even greeted with a proper hello.  The gratitude for taking the time to take part in a chat or give to the community by attending is scarce and more times than not, reserved for the social stars that bring numbers to the game.

This ignited my thoughts about how many people have taken their time deciding to become part of “My Virtual Community.”  Have I greeted all with a “Hello” and “Thanked” them for hitting that Follow button or “Liking” my Tweets, FB Posts, Pinterest Pins or Instagram Images?

This Post is for all those I have missed out on saying a proper “Hello” greeting and “Thanking” you for deciding to become a member of my community!!

I would love to be able to stop by for a cup of tea or if it is five o’clock somewhere a glass of wine!

I would like to bring over a cake, freshly baked bread or a bunch flowers and tell you that you matter and you are not just a number acquired for social media statistics.

Call to Action for My Community:

I would like to influence my community to participate on social media by sharing, exchanging and reciprocating with me and their own micro-communities.

I invite you to drop me an email:  ksdpinterest@gmail.com  Say Hello, a few words to connect or hit me with a tweet @KatieSheaDesign,  Friend Request me on FaceBook, Leave me a comment on Instagram , Say Hi on Pinterest or leave me a comment below!

I will respond as soon as I can.

Virtual Communities can launch off-line communities where people’s presence and participation make a difference.

Social Media is just the cocktail party leading to the main event! ~ KSD



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Mashable’s Social Media Day 2014 Celebrated with a Google+ Hangout On Air #SMDayHOA

SMDayHOA Hosts Mia Voss Dennis Littley Kathleen DeCosmo

Social Media Day #SMDay was Celebrated

 June 30th, 2014 Globally.

Social Media Day is an annual global event on June 30 that recognizes the digital revolution happening right before our eyes. Mashable invited Social Media particpants to join fellow social media enthusiasts by hosting or attending a Social Media Day Meetup in their area.

Chef Dennis Littley, Mia Voss and me, Kathleen DeCosmo held our Social Media Day celebration on Google + by hosting a #SMDayHOA which brought some supercharged  *Networking*!

There were many social media personalities representing all the different social media platforms we all know and love with many special guests popping in to say hello!

You are INVITED to VIEW the #SMDayHOA by CLICKING the IMAGE below:

SMDayHOA Recap Hosts Dennis Littley Kathleeb DeCosmo Mia Voss


SMDayHOA Guests with Chef Dennis Littley Kathleen DeCosmo Mia Voss



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Markets of New York #SMDayHOA

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winerist #SMDayHOA

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Happy Wives Club #SMDayHOA

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SMDayHOA Sponsors w Chef Dennis Littley Kathleen DeCosmo Mia Voss


Kelly and Jones

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Markets of New York

Markets Of New York @MarketsNYC
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Happy Wives ClubHappy Wives Club™ @happywivesclub

Twice voted #1 Marriage Site. 750,000+ women strong. The book, Happy Wives Club, is now a USA Today® & New York Times® Best Seller! All tweets by Fawn Weaver. happywivesclub.com


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Social Media Week 2014 NYC

Social Media Week 2014 NYC “Since its inception in 2008, Social Media Week has grown from nine to 26 cities, and global expansion continues to increase. Eight cities around the world will be hosting Social Media Week events this month – everywhere from Bangalore to Lagos to Milan to Tokyo. We spoke to CEO and co-founder Toby Daniels about what’s new this year, and where the event is heading. The theme of this year’s festivities is “the future of now,” a reflection of our always-connected lifestyle. The content and programming of this year’s event will focus on the emerging trends: wearable tech and the quantified life, crowd-funding – especially with regard to architectural design and real estate, and content marketing. “Brands are recognizing that not only do they need to understand how to create and curate content, they also need to know how to do that at scale,” said Daniels. Major brands will be in attendance to showcase their own work, and the organizers are also launching the ‘Now Studio,’ which will showcase the most viral content. “It’s an opportunity for attendees to learn how to become better content creators,” he said.”  Read More..

Social Media Week New York is co-produced by Crowdcentric and MKG.

There is still time to get in on the action at #SMWNYC #SMW14 . 

Check out the invite

“We’re bringing a new vision; a new location and a new theme. And we’re so excited to share all of this with you. The Official Campus hosted at Highline Stages provides more opportunities than ever before to explore and examine what our 2014 theme The Future of Now: Always On, Always Connected means for you, your work and your personal life.

Because we love connecting all of our favorite people we’d like to offer you a special discount Click here to grab your pass 🙂

Meet the team at Crowdcentric!

Meet the team at MKG!

Meet the Speakers at Social Media week 2014:

Follow the #SMWNYC #SMW14 Speakers  on Twitter:  SMW14 NYC Speakers

The Official Guide to Social Media Week New York 2014

Founder of Social Media Week, Toby Daniels Shares his Highlights for #SMWNYC » New York

Place Pins by Pinterest: Top 25 New York Shopping Destinations

Pinterest, the online pinboard for sharing everything from wedding china ideas to travel inspiration, is now letting users add location to their pins reported by ABC today.

San Francisco-based Pinterest says that its “Place Pins” were designed to “combine all the beautiful imagery of a travel magazine with the utility of a map and put it all online so you can share it with friends.” The new feature is available on Pinterest’s website and on the latest version of its mobile apps.

Pinterest says there are more than 750 million travel-related pins on the site already. With the new location-based pins, users will be able to create maps for friends visiting from out of town, or vacation spots they want to see. Pinterest launched the location tool with a slew of boards from travel sites, magazines and companies to serve as examples on how they could be used. more… http://abcn.ws/18TNZhy

Katie Shea Design Has created a NYC Shopping Destination “Place Pins” Pinboard to help facilitate the smooth management of time while planning out a holiday shopping excursion in NYC.

The shopping destinations and descriptions were sourced from New York Magazine’s post on the Top 25 New York Shopping Destinations.

Top 25 NYC Shopping Destinations Place Pin Pinterest Map 2013

Top 25 New York Shopping Destinations Mapped Here on Pinterest.  source:  http://nym.ag/18boQV5

This  “Place Pins” Board gives the shopper an overview of the possibilities available while also becoming aware immediately of the amount of time a particular area of the city can take to be shopped. The Pinboard’s overview feature also helps tremendously planning your means of transportation whether utilizing subway, bus , cab or by foot.

I am excited about all the time saving possibilities this feature has to offer me and my lifestyle!